Eileen Davidson Books Return to Days of Our Lives

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Salem residents better prepare themselves, as TV Guide Magazine broke the news earlier today:

Eileen Davidson will return to Days of Our Lives for what one show rep promises to be "a powerful Kristen Dimera story arc."

Davison on Days

When she left the series last summer, Davidson said she needed more personal time - but Days of Our Lives fans can now rejoice as she's said to begin filming in March and will end up back on our screens by summer.

"The writers have some great things cooking for Kristen and we can't wait for the fans to see what this will mean for Salem," teased Co-executive producer Greg Meng, adding that this will be "must-watch TV at its best!"

Kristen Dimera was last seen fleeing Salem after her wedding to Brady Black came to a screeching halt when a sex tape of her and Brady's brother Eric (a priest!) was shown during the ceremony! 

Given how things have already heated up in Salem with Nick Fallon's return from the dead and EJ and Abby's salacious affair, once Kristen is thrown back into the mix, Days fans better hold on for one wild ride.

Days of Our Lives airs Monday through Friday on NBC.

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Nicole: Get out of here!
Scooter: Oh come on, Misty baby. I just came over here to borrow a cup of sugar.
Nicole: Don't call me that.
Scooter: You're all the sugar that I need. Bridgette, I saw Freddie leave with the kids. It's just the two of us. ANd I love what you're wearing.
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