Helix: Watch Season 1 Episode 4 Online

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Balleseros shocked Syfy viewers on Helix Season 1 Episode 4.

Before we get to his actions, however, we have to give the series props for answering various questions while laying the groundwork for many more to come down the line.

How very Lost-ish of the drama, which we mean in a very good way.

Day 4 of Helix picked up on the events from last week immediately, with Julia stick in Level R, along with many infected patients aiming to cut off the oxygen supply upstairs. It wasn't exactly a plan with which she agreed.

So what did Julia do? And what was our mention above of Balleseros referring to?

Watch Helix online right now and gather up some answers.

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Helix Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You don't have the intellectual capacity to evaluate my work.

Dr. Hiroshi Hatake

Someone designed this virus and it sure as shit wasn't mother nature. We're looking at the hand of man here.

Dr. Doreen Boyle