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It's safe to say things hit rock bottom for Emily and Daniel on Revenge Season 3 Episode 13.

It's also safe to label Emily as a total and complete badass, considering she cauterized her own wound to kick the hour off.

The fireworks between her and Daniel (clearly the villain of Season 3) served as the highlights of a terrific installment, one that saw the latter split from Sara and which also featured Patrick burning down Victoria's art gallery. Talk about playing with fire!

As for Conrad? Well, his ex-wife is back in the picture and he appears to have slept with Emily. Wait... what?!? Huh?!? Really?!?

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

If you're trying to build a bridge between us, Emily, here's a tip--stay on your side of the river.


Emily: When I was a child, my father woke me every morning with the same phrase: 'Life is a great sunrise.' The words shaped the way I saw the dawn, but after my father was taken from me, the morning sun burned like fire. That's when I learned what hatred was, and that it would greet me each day to come.