Days of Our Lives Recap: Nick's World Tour 2014

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Sonny said it best: Nick continued on his I have changed World Tour 2014 - and am I the only one getting tired of it? Let's face it, a little bit of creepy Nick goes a long way.

And yes, this is a gratuitous photo of EJ topless because...why not?

Topless EJ

OK, back to today's recap...

Gabi freaked out…again. It seems like every time Gabi has appeared in an episode over the last couple of months someone has had to stop her from hyperventilating. At least today it got us a mildly funny line as she said in this Days of Our Lives quote

I'm sure if you googled what to do when the guy you thought you killed suddenly shows up, nothing will come up.


But at least Gabi's freakouts over Nick's return have been consistent until today. Because one moment she's terrified of the guy and the next she's letting him hold her baby. Seriously Gabi? What the heck were you thinking?

One of my favorite scenes was Nick trying to ruffle Sonny's feathers. 

I love Sonny. I love how he never backs down. How he consistently looks Nick in the eye and doesn't waver. Not to mention how he calls him on his bullsh*t.

Stop running around town making sure everyone knows what you want to do and just do it. And when you do it, look around and see if anyone notices or even cares.


Moments like these remind me that Sonny is a Kiriakis. Victor would be proud. Brady may be a lost cause and Phillip is MIA but I believe the family legacy is in good hands with Sonny around.

You'd think that with Nick stalking everyone in her family that Kate would have enough to focus on. Yet she made the time to break into Jordan's apartment today. 

Does anyone even care what Jordan's secret it. I only know that I'm bored to tears whenever the story revolves around her. Not even Rafe or Lucas can save it. 

Speaking of boredom, we got yet another day of repentant Father Eric Friar Tuck, Father Timothy. Please, someone break Eric out of the monastery already. This week of inner reflection has gotten painful.

Daniel and Nicole were on the case to clear him. Or should I say Super Dan because it was no surprise to see Daniel in hand to hand combat with one of Stefano's assassins. There's simply no power in the universe that Dr. Dan doesn't possess.

But what was up with Nicole? One minute she's grabbing some fireplace tool as though she's ready to swoop in and the next she's cowering in the corner. That made absolutely no sense. 

My guess is that Dr. Chyka ends up dead when all is said and done but even if Daniel's the one who gets shot, not to worry. He can always remove the bullet and save himself. 

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Time to pick your favorite line from this week's Days of Our lives.

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.


Deimos: I believe that the younger generation in this family have been handed everything on a silver platter, and they don't appreciate it.
Maggie: By younger generation, you must mean Sonny.
Deimos: All right, fine. Let's start with Sonny. I'm trying to work with him, Maggie. I've just given him a very important position in the company and instead of being grateful for the opportunity, he's being an oversensitive, temperamental pain in my neck. But at least he's still here. Brady, on the other hand, he's taken off, abandoned the family, Titan. He's left me all alone to deal with the Hernandez family on my own.
Maggie: Well, there's an easy solution to the Dimera and the Hernandez families. Just bow out.
Deimos: I do that and I lose face.
Maggie: With whom?
Deimos: With everyone. Except Nicole. She's taken off too.
Maggie: And to think I naively thought that maybe I'd gotten through to you the last time we had a serious conversation. Let me ask you a question. Has doing things your way gotten you anywhere?