Days of Our Lives Recap: Who's Holding the Photos?

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The week began with EJ almost taking Abigail on his desk…thankfully he played it smart. EJ is a master at reading Ms. Deveraux and he knew that despite what she said, she wanted more than just sex. 

But the line about taking her in the alleyway behind the pub was hilarious. 

An Almost Tryst

EJ wasn't kidding when he said he's a selfish idiot. There's no doubt about that and even he knows it as he told Abby in this Days of Our Lives quote

If anyone was disgusting it was me. I cheated on a woman I love more than my own life. This doesn't happen again, ever.


For as old as Abigail's suppose to be, there are times she comes across like a confused kid and it's really kind of sad. 

Will these two ever hook up again? I don't know but it won't much matter once those pictures come out. Sami will scorch the earth as she seeks her revenge. 

Speaking of Sami, Rafe was kind of mean today. I know he hates EJ but he really seems to enjoy telling Sami she's being an idiot and she's going to get her heart crushed. I know he still cares about her but enough already. He doesn't like EJ. He never will. We get it. 

I wish I could say he should move on with Jordan but the sad fact is that I just don't care. Even now that these two are an official couple and Jordan's mystery follower has come out of the shadows, this is still the most boring story on the show. 

I'm also not sure how much I like Hope and Aidan but he did have one of my favorite lines of the week…

Good pie can turn people bad.


The most fun is watching Ciara turn into such a holy terror. I couldn't believe she held up Sami for thousands of dollars in earrings and that Sami bought them for her. However I can't wait for Hope to find out about her daughter's atrocious behavior. At this rate little Ciara will give Teresa Donovan a run for her money as Salem's biggest bad girl.

Both Nicole and Eric and Daniel and Jennifer planned dates. As a matter of fact the planning took all week. We'll see which couple gets their happy ending and which one goes bust because in Salem they'll be lucky if just one of their dates goes uninterrupted.

Marlena went to Stefano for help. Huh?!?  I'm still at a loss for this one. She didn't go to the big guy to help clear Eric but she'll beg him in order to trap Nicole? What sense does that make?

Finally there was Nick who was so smarmy this week I had to fight the urge to change the channel every time he showed up. Poor T was no match for Salem's evil genius and he's got Gabi wrapped around his little finger. 

Will and Sonny need to deal with Nick before he makes their lives even more miserable. I only hope they figure out how, quick. 

OK TV Fanatics, who had your favorite line on this week's Days of Our Lives?

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Jack: All right, your mother has been released just like you wanted. Now where's Haley?
JJ: I'm not telling you.
Jack: We had a deal.
JJ: I lied.
Jack: You lied to me?
JJ: I will never give up Haley!

Deimos: Sometimes in life all the pieces come together exactly at the same time.
Victor: Yes, well the love of a good woman will do that for you.