Days of Our Lives Round Table: Do You Want a Dannifer Reunion?

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On Days of Our Lives, JJ finally told the truth about the night Teresa OD'd.

Now that Jennifer knows Daniel never slept with her arch nemesis, will she try to win him back? Do you want to see them as a couple once again?

Our TV Fanatics Christine Orlando and Nick McHatton are joined by Kathy and André from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to decide whether they want to see Dannifer once again, why Gabi can't get Nick out of her system and who was surprised that Abby was so eager to be the other woman.


Would you like to see Daniel and Jennifer get back together?

Kathy:  Maybe eventually - Jennifer has a few fences to mend first.  I hope Daniel takes some time before taking back a woman who was willing to believe everything she was told about him with very little proof. 

André:  Not especially, no. I grew rather tired of the on/off-again relationship between those two quite a while ago. I suppose it wouldn't be too bad if they get together and stay together. However, if they're just gonna get together so they can be broken up again, I'd rather they not get back together at all.

Christine:  I agree with both Kathy and André. I don't think Daniel should just welcome her back with open arms. She was pretty quick to believe all the horrible things about him. But if they're going to get them together then let them stay together. They've done the on again/off again thing to death with these two. Enough is enough.

Nick: As much as I loathe Daniel and Jennifer together I clearly will never get my wish of them going their separate ways, so I'm at the point where I'll grin and bear them getting together if it means we can stop watching them pine over each other.

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Marlena refuses to give Nicole a break.  Is she justified?

Kathy:  No -- Nicole put herself in danger to find the truth about what Chyka did.  What Nicole did with that truth is a different matter -- Marlena would be justified in not giving her a break there.

André:  In a way yes, but in a way no. In the sense that Eric is her son and she wants to find out what really happened to him, then yes. However, Eric is a big boy and can take care of himself. I understand Marlena's concern, but she needs to give Nicole a break. Nicole has been helping Eric, though her actions towards the end of the week are questionable.

Christine:  All Marlena knows for certain is that Nicole's done everything in her power to help Eric and in return she's been nothing but judgmental and downright rude. Lately, every time Marlena's on screen I cringe. She always seems to be sneering at someone and Nicole is her favorite target. 

Nick: Marlena's got a knack for sniffing out liars, and she has good reason to be suspicious of Nicole. Nicole once put a hit out on her after all, but more than that Nicole has generally left a trail of broken hearts behind in the past. Although, Nicole is the one who has recently been broken hearted.

Are you rooting for Eric and Nicole to be happy?  How long before the truth comes out?

Kathy:  I want them to be happy but there is a lot of work to be done first.  Nicole needs to value herself and not rely on covering up the truth to get what she thinks she wants.  Eric needs to know the truth before he can make a real decision.  It will probably take forever before the truth comes out.

André:  I am rooting for them to be happy. Whether that means being happy as a couple or as friends is another matter entirely. I'd rather not see them as a couple, but I'd love them to be happy as friends, good friends even. I think it'll be a while until the truth comes out, and it'll probably come out at an inconvenient time.

Christine:  I wish the writers hadn't had Nicole shred the evidence. I think there could have been enough angst and obstacles without making Nicole regress after it appeared she'd come so far as a person. Yes, I'm rooting for them to be happy but I'm afraid their future doesn't look good. 

Nick:  Yes, I've always loved Eric and Nicole together, and I want them to be completely happy. I'm of the opinion that Eric will find something that Nicole hid from him, and it'll all be downhill from there. I give it a few months.

Why does Gabi continually fall for Nick despite all that he’s done?

Kathy:  Nick listens to Gabi -- no one else really does.  Everyone gives her orders and tells her what she thinks and what she should do.  He makes her believe that he respects her and her feelings.

André:  I think Gabi's a little desperate. The last guy she truly loved turned out to be gay. I think that Gabi has self-esteem issues. She thinks she can't do any better than Nick. I also think that she is having similar feelings to how any one in an abusive relationship feels. She feels as though she did something to deserve it. Gabi is in a really fragile place right now. Less than a month ago, she thought she had killed Nick and was afraid to look at him or speak his name. Add to this the fact that Nick is an expert at manipulating Gabi's emotions.

Christine:  Gabi definitely has issues and Nick knows exactly how to play her. A part of her probably loves him and like many people with a history of abuse she's willing to believe the behavior will never happen again. Unfortunately, the last time she tried to leave him he blackmailed and tried to rape her. I don't see it going any better the next time. 

Nick: Because Gabi is a complete and utter idiot, and fawns over any guy that gives her one ounce of attention. Am I being too harsh? Maybe. Perhaps Gabi is having victim's remorse, she's willing to brush aside Nick's actions because she truly did love him, so she's willing to look around at those she's closer too and see that maybe Nick's actions weren't so bad. EJ and Sami had a very rough history, but they somehow fell for each other; maybe she thinks her situation is like that.

Were you surprised that Abigail seems so willing to be EJ's other woman?

Kathy:  Yes, I am surprised by that.  I think that Abigail is bored and EJ provides the excitement that is missing in her life. 

André:  Not really, no. Abby has, in recent years, shown that she has no problem being a mistress. Look at what she did and was willing to do to Austin a few years ago, and that hadn't gone nearly as far as this has. Also, Abby was, until a few months ago, stringing along two men. She has no problem either loving more than one person at the same time, or being with a married man.

Christine:  Yeah, Abby looks so put together but she really is a mess. I expected her to try and convince EJ that this is love, and I think that's probably her end game. That she's selling him on the idea of being his secret booty call is really sad. She and Gabi should both sign up for group therapy to gain some self respect.

Nick: Abigail has a history of obsessing over older men, or just men in general. I think she truly does cherish the feeling she's getting from EJ, so she isn't afraid to really go all out for EJ even it means she'll be the other woman. It's a good turn for her character. Abigail has been mostly passive and doing what she thinks others want to hear for a while now; this sexual awakening of hers is giving her a backbone, and she's willing to fight for what she wants.

What was your favorite scene of the week?

Kathy:  My favorite scene was JJ telling Jennifer the truth about the night Theresa overdosed.

André:  Definitely the scenes on Friday between Jennifer and J.J.! I am so glad that J.J. was finally honest with Jenn. It showed that he is trying to be a better person. Casey Moss and Missy Reeves were excellent in these scenes, particularly Casey, who is a great young actor. I hope we have more great scenes from him, and that he gets a good storyline where he can show off his talent, in future.

Christine:  I loved Sonny telling off Gabi. Although his tirade played right into Nick's hands, he was saying everything I was thinking, which was how can you be such an idiot?

Nick: Will and Sonny's engagement ring exchange. It was like watching their impending nuptials, and Lucas' exuberance over their announcement was wonderful to watch after he had such a hard time dealing with it after Will's coming out.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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