Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Eric Remain a Priest?

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On Days of Our Lives this week, Nick Fallon was back and he couldn't keep that smarmy smile off his face as he carefully manipulated everyone in Salem. But that wasn't the only story. Eric struggled over whether to remain a priest or be with Nicole, Brady wrestled with addiction while EJ and Abby's tangle in the storage closet got interrupted. 

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Pallison and Wendylou from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss Eric's future, Nick's memory, and what was their favorite scene of the week. 

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Should Eric remain a priest?

Nick: As fun as Eric is as a priest in the church that leads directly to hell, I'm ready for him to move on to something else. He's beginning to run out of story in the Church, and I'm ready for him to go back to photography passions.

Pallison:  That’s a big no from me. He’s unforgiving, judgmental and has little respect for his friends. He judged Nicole and attacked her viciously. He judged Daniel and turned away from his help. He lays blame on everyone else and bemoans “oh poor me”…..

Wendylou:  No, I definitely don't think he should remain a priest. First, because I'm totally invested in the Eric and Nicole love story and if he remains a priest it's over for me. Now onto the less selfish reason, I just don't think he's the same as he may have once been when he first became a priest. He's admitted he's in love with a woman and so not completely devoted to the priesthood but I also think the experience with Kristen has shown a more judgmental, unforgiving side to him that I'm not sure is a good thing in a priest.

Christine:  I think the priest story has run its course and the next step is watching him adjust to a life outside of the church and the consequences of that. As for he and Nicole, I was really excited about these two eventually getting together…until he accused her of rape. He was horrible to Nicole and I'm having trouble getting past that.

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Who is right when it comes to Brady? Victor or Maggie?

Nick: I understand both positions, but Maggie is right. Brady has an addictive personality, and until he can come to terms that it doesn't matter what substance he's using he's going to abuse it: drugs, alcohol, pills, etc.

Pallison:  Both, neither, maybe a happy medium of the two. I think Maggie is detrimental to Brady (and other addicts probably). She has the best of intentions but she is pushing Brady away. Victor thinks he can watch Brady but he should know he can’t.

Wendylou:  They both are. Maggie is right that Brady is an addict, regardless of whether it's drugs or alcohol, or bad women, he's just an addict and he has control issues with all of them. He does need help. But Victor's right that they can't just stick him in rehab. Brady has to want help.

Christine:  I agree with everything wendylou said. Brady is an addict on a downward spiral. Maggie's right that he needs help but Victor's also correct that they can't force it on him, he has to want to get clean to make it work. 

Nicole and Daniel. Best friends or super couple in the making?

Nick: Ugh, if this is something being set up by Days I'm going to cut someone. Daniel has been with enough women, and he has enough fingers in the plot pies on Days as it is. Nicole pined after Daniel a few years ago and it went nowhere, too. I'd rather they stay friends.

Pallison:  Best friends (I think “super couple” is a very ill-used and over used idea/concept) that are a fun and adventurous couple getting involved in capers and living, loving and laughing……

Wendylou:  I like them as friends. They are great that way. I didn't enjoy them the first time around and while they are better this time, I still don't want to rehash that. I'm afraid they may end up as more simply to create another obstacle for Eric and Nicole. I guess that's okay as long as Nicole and Eric are endgame.

Christine:  Dr. Dan has certainly done his share of bed hopping. I like he and Nicole as friends. It works for them and is unique to the show. I'm actually enjoying their scenes together very much.

If you had to choose, would it be EJ with Sami or EJ with Abby?

Nick: EJ and Abby. I like Sami with Lucas more than EJ, so Abby can enjoy her romps with EJ any time she likes if it can bring Sami and EJ down.

Pallison:  I guess EJ/Sami. We’ve had them crammed down our throats for years as a big wonderful couple, even though they were hardly ever a couple, so let them be a couple finally. EJ is going to be abusive to whoever he’s with, so I don’t think it much matters.

Wendylou:  EJ and Sami. EJ and Abby are hot right now but they'll fizzle out, probably not without some fatal attraction action from Abby. EJ and Sami are two sides of the same coin. They belong together. This will be a bump in the road for them. If they can survive Sami shooting EJ point-blank in the head, they can get past this.

Christine:  EJ and Sami have been back and forth so often that it was nice to see them as a working couple. They can be a lot of fun, plus they have kids together. EJ and Abby are a fun distraction but I don't see this working past sex in the closet for long. Abby's just not enough of a challenge for EJ. 

Does Nick remember everything or is he just naturally creepy?

Nick: He remembers everything and he's naturally creepy. He's going to give hell to the three ladies.

Pallison:  Oh he’s naturally creepy but he definitely remembers….he remembers every detail...…..and it becomes more obvious in each scene…..

Wendylou:  Um, yes and yes. He's naturally creepy for sure and he seems to have become even creepier. He remembers everything. Everything he says is dripping with innuendo and thinly veiled threats. Telling Rafe he wouldn't want to see him set his recovery back, all that stuff he said to Kate about water under the bridge and the water-proof, sweat-proof, blood-proof makeup. He's got big plans for revenge. As much as I hate him it's going to be fun to watch.

Christine:  Both. He's done a great job of being ominous, arrogant, and creepy while never quite giving anything away. It's been great fun but I kind of hope it's all leading to Nick being murdered…for real this time. Goodness knows he deserves it. 

What was your favorite scene?

Nick: Nicole and Theresa's little meet and greet. The look Nicole was giving her was priceless. Also the amount of stress eating that was going on back at the DiMera mansion was hilarious.

Pallison:  My favorite scene was at Dimansion when the 3 ladies were eating and talking about Nick’s return…then Will comes in and joins in the eating frenzy….Sonny never nibbled even a crumb…..anyway, great scene between the ladies….

Wendylou:  AS much I loved the shock on everyone's face when Nick returned at the beginning of the week, I think my true favorite scene this week was when Nicole told Daniel that she desperately wanted to be with Eric but was willing to help him get back into the priesthood if that's what he truly wanted. She only wants Eric if she is his first choice, she deserves that. As a fan of Nicole, I'm glad to see her show that growth as a character and I want to see a guy win her over for once instead of her chasing after him.

Christine:  I'm with you wendylou. As much fun as all the Nick drama was, Nicole admitting she deserved better than second best was my favorite. I've been a big fan of this character for years and it is beyond time for her to be happy and be with someone who loves her for her. If they could find some magical way for her to have a child (and then actually let her have it!) I'd be over the moon. 

Your turn TV Fanatics. Tell us who you think is holding the recording of EJ and Abby at the Horton cabin?

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