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The white room's not a room at all. Doreen's gone for good but Alan solves her murder. Julia is definitely hallucinating. Plus, a frozen head.

Well, Helix Season 1 Episode 5  continued to move along at a nice pace, revealing that the infamous white room is nothing more than the Arctic itself.

Sadly, there's no question Doreen is dead. Her killer, Major Balleseros is caught and left for dead outside the base by security chief Daniel. 

Julia discovers that her friend in the biohazard suit is a hallucination.

The mysterious Dr. Hvit is not a living, breathing doctor, but a frozen head. What?

Surely that's worth checking out again right? Watch Helix online to make sure you're caught up with all the mysteries before next week's show.

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Helix Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

We're all waiting to die. I just have a little less time.

Dr. Sarah Jordan

We are all in the white room. It's an inside joke among the base scientists.
We're in the Arctic. It's all the white room.

Dr. Duchamp