The Originals Round Table: "Crescent City"

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Vampires! Witches! Crescent Moon Werewolves! Oh my!

The Originals introduced an entirely new line of characters during "Crescent City" as Hayley finally got to meet her family. And her betrothed werewolf-protector, Jackson. 

Elsewhere, the risen witches of New Orleans made life difficult for Elijah and his siblings. 

What does the TV Fanatic Round Table think of the latest developments in New Orleans? Join our panel - consisting of Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker, Carla Day, and Heather Vee from - to find out! 


What was your favorite quote or scene from The Originals Season 1 Episode 13?

Leigh: I'm actually pretty interested in learning more about Hayley's history. I really enjoyed that scene when Jackson introduced himself to her and we found out that they were supposed to be betrothed. Time to learn more about the werewolves! Also that Oliver guy, hellllooo shirtless.

Miranda: I'm going with Cami and Klaus in the church (with the blade...). Pardon me, Klaus, but your humanity is showing! There's a part of him that really is a good guy, and his willingness to help save Father Kieran is proof of that. (Then there's also the fact that he wants to get back into Cami's good graces.) And Cami is probably one of the strongest mortal women written as principal cast for either of the two shows, so watching her decide whether to stab Klaus or not felt like a real decision she was struggling with. Second place goes to Oliver shirtless.

Carla: Jackson! I love the idea of werewolf royalty and the arranged marriage between Jackson and Hayley. This opens up Hayley's options going forward. Werewolves have existed in this universe for a long time, but their mythology is still mostly a mystery. They will add a nice counterbalance to the witches and vampires in New Orleans. Plus, maybe a little competition would force Elijah to finally give in to his feelings for Hayley. If not, Jackson and Hayley had good chemistry too.  

Heather: Like Leigh, I am really looking forward to learning more about the Crescent wolves, even if the betrothed stuff was gross. I'm having a hard time settling on one particular quote or scene in this episode as it really was top to bottom fantastic, so I'll just say I found the resurrected Monique Deveraux highly creepy, even in scenes were she's just watching other people have conversations. They really laid the groundwork for the final scene throughout the entire episode for those who were paying attention.

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If you're Elijah, do you save Klaus, Rebekah, or Hayley and why?

Leigh: I'm torn between Hayley and Rebekah. First instinct, I would 100% go with Rebekah because she has been Elijah's sister for 1000 years and she has always been there for him. Saving one original is more helpful in getting to the next two faster. However, Hayley is the weakest with no powers so I can see how Elijah went there first. Rebekah and Klaus can withstand a lot. Bottom line, sorry Klaus but I'd save you last.

Miranda: I save Rebekah. Then I go save Hayley and send Rebekah after Klaus. I don't save Klaus first because, meh, it won't hurt him to suffer a little bit. But he can be ferocious when he needs to be, so on second thought, maybe I do save Klaus first. Hayley has the Magical Miracle Baby inside her, so I wonder if the baby's vampire powers extend to saving her from death by witch? 

Carla: Definitely Hayley. Elijah didn't know where Klaus or Rebekah were, so he couldn't have saved them even if he wanted. Plus, it's all about protecting Hayley and not because of who she is or how he feels about her, but about the baby. Hayley may not be his family, but her baby has Mikaelson blood.

Heather: Well, Elijah's choice really wasn't much of a choice in the episode itself, but I think even without the logic of the episode's scenario, he would still save Hayley. The child means too much to him; he's invested everything in that baby and what it means for his family. In terms of a no-win situation, I don't think Elijah would be able to live with himself if the choice wasn't Hayley, any feelings he has for her aside.

How do you feel about Jackson, Hayley's betrothed and the Crescent Moon wolves?

Leigh: Refer to question one. Totally intrigued. Into it more than I've ever care before. 

Miranda: I'm totally intrigued by the story and learning more about Hayley's pack. I'm not so intrigued by the "you were supposed to be my wife" angle and the way that having never met her Jackson gave her the swoony eyes. Maybe it will lead to interesting drama. Or maybe it will just lead to drama. I'm 50/50 split on this one. 

Carla: As I mentioned above, I love it! The introduction of the Crescent Moon wolves opens up a whole new avenue to be explored. And, Jackson, in particular, provides Hayley in particular a potential future outside of and away from the dysfunctional Original family.

Heather: Like Miranda, I'm a little skeeved out by his obvious puppy dog eyes (pun shamelessly intended), but my curiosity about the wolves is definitely piqued. I'm just not over the moon about playing out a triangle angle with Hayley, Elijah, and Jackson. I'm already over it and it hasn't even happened. 

Say your goodbyes to Sophie Devereux.

Leigh: Lata bitch, I mean witch. Totes could care less. These witches piss me off.

Miranda: Sophie, I'm actually sad to see you and your cool tattoo go. If only you had believed just a little bit more. Maybe try to hitch a ride back with Davina. Say hi to Jane Anne. 

Carla: RIP Sophie. You tried to embrace your heritage, but your good heart was your downfall. You were played and betrayed. May your life on the other side be brighter.

Heather: R.I.P., Sophie. I wish there had been a way to sway you to the Original side.

Without a witch on their side, what's Elijah's next move?

Leigh: They could always find another witch, but it might take some time. For now Elijah will team up with Marcel and combine resources. Maybe Elijah will even get the wolves on his side now that Celeste has messed with them and their royalty. I think he will definitely use what he knows about Celeste as a tool to find Rebekah and Klaus. 

Miranda: I thnk he teams up with the werewolves, but not necessarily Hayley's pack. Klaus' family has also returned to the Quarter and Klaus has helped them. I think Elijah goes to them for help getting Klaus back from the witches. But if we know Elijah, he'll make some sort of deal and give some witch his word and then have to honor it because that's what he does. I'd really just like to see him rip some more hearts out though. 

Carla: Poor Elijah. As the family protector, he's got a big fight ahead of him. He'll likely recruit Marcel to help him find his siblings. He doesn't really have any other options, since the witches are holding all the power and have the high ground. It would be intriguing to see him work with the wolves to track Klaus and Rebekah, but not sure how that would work. Whatever he does next, I'm sure he'll look awesome doing it and use his Elijah charm!

Heather: Right now I am just fully invested in righteously pissed off Elijah. I want things to get beyond nasty between him and Celeste and the witches. We've seen angry Elijah, but I want to see Elijah go completely off the Elijah program and maaaaaybe compromise a few of those famous morals along the way.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Josh isn't dead yet? Well, good on him! I love a good survival story!


Marcel: Back in the day the witches wanted to send a threat, they'd just kill a chicken and leave it on your doorstep.
Elijah: That's a rather large and ominous chicken, wouldn't you say?

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