Helix: Watch Season 1 Episode 13 Online

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On Helix Season 1 Episode 13, Scythe is interrogated and reveals that there's a Narvik outbreak in Puerto Rico. The virus had been smuggled out of the base by Peter, who became infected.

Meanwhile, Anana and Tulok arrive at Arctic Biosystems with several large snow mobiles to get everyone off the base.

The Scythe blows the base bringing Jules along on his chopper. Alan distracts the kid and Julia hands him a cannister. Was it the virus or cure?

Two hundred and thirty five days later, Alan has tracked Julia to Paris. Little does he know, she's now part of Ilaria's board.

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Helix Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You contacted your military, the FBI, even Interpol for help but no one believed you. Ilaria is everywhere, while you hide in the shadows.

Immortal Hostage

The Scythe: Smuggling the virus off the base was a masterstroke.
Peter: Yeah and it almost got me killed. Transformed into one of those things.