Once Upon a Time Photos: The Witch Next Door

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Awww, Mary Margaret looks so happy.

On this Sunday's installment of Once Upon a Time Season 3, she and David are in love and expecting their second child. And she's finally found a mid-wife to help her through the birth...

... little does she know she's trusting her newborn to the Wicked Witch. 

David has tried to warn his wife to be wary of strangers but we don't think that Mary Margaret has been listening and it's anyone's guess what Zelena has in store for their bundle of joy. 

Meanwhile, Emma gets some news about her ex returning to town and it looks like she runs right to her mom. Sometimes a girl just needs a hug. 

Check out these photos from Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 15 ("Quiet Minds" and get an idea of what wicked games are on tap:

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