Revenge Photo Gallery: (Another) Party Time

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Pascal LeMarchal sure is leaving his mark on the Hamptons, taking the time to woo Victoria Grayson and to devise a plan.

Which includes... what, exactly? 

That question will be addressed on Revenge Season 3 Episode 17, as the Graysons attend yet another party with gorgeous dresses, interesting hairstyles - and an ankle tracker.

Who's the mystery man wearing jewelry issued by law enforcement? And why is he so interested in Nolan and Charlotte?

Perhaps it's because of their stunning wardrobe choices.

Check out these photos from "Addicted," which is set to air Sunday, March 30 on ABC. Whose fashion tastes do you agree with the most?

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Addiction, an impulse that, once indulged, is impossible to pacify. Even when starved, the hunger survives.