Scandal Sneak Peek: Where's My Mission?

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It's safe to say this is not what Quinn had in mind.

OnĀ Scandal Season 3 Episode 13, Quinn will start working with Jake and will totally be given a mission and take another step into the world of first-class spying, right?

Or maybe she'll just answer phones.

Check out the following sneak peek to see Quinn get let down by what her first day on the new job is like:

Elsewhere on "No Sun on the Horizon," Fitz will be thrown off at the Presidential debate, Olivia will receive shocking news and the final 30 seconds will change everything.

Remember to watch Scandal online if you need to catch up and to click through pictures from the upcoming episode now:

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Jake: Run away with me Liv, save me.
Olivia: Take advantage of me Jake.

I wanna walk into the light and feel the sun on my face Cyrus. You're on your own.