Scandal: Watch Season 3 Episode 15 Online

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There are only three episodes of Scandal left in season 3 and if Scandal season 3 episode 15 is any indication, expect them to be huge!

So what took place this week which made this one of the best episodes of the season? Well, what didn't happen is the better question!

Olivia Pope made a revelation about B-613 AND her role in the Grant administration and Fitz made a revelation about Mellie and Andrew. Oh yes, the cat's out of that bag. What will that mean for Fitz and Olivia? For Fitz and Mellie?

Elsewhere, Jake confronted Rowan Pope about being Command. If Jake was looking for a friend, he went to the wrong place and Papa Pope knows how to push people's buttons. Don't let him push your buttons, Jake!

And then there's that whole HuckleberryQuinn thing you have to see. Watch Scandal online now and make sure you don't miss a minute!

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Olivia: Andrew, the last thing this campaign needs is another sex scandal. Stay away from her.
Andrew: Glass houses, Olivia.

You don't take down B613. You run, you hide, or you die.