The Following: Watch Season 2 Episode 7 Online

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No one is safe on The Following Season 2.

Not Ryan. Not Max. Not Mike. Not even Joe. Especially, not Emma.

On The Following Season 2 Episode 7, Joe led Emma and Mandy to a new cult with an unsettling leader obsessed with red, masks and blood sacrifices. After some lie detector tests, clothing changes and cult parties, it looks like the trio will be accepted by Micah and his people. But at what cost?

Ryan and Mike's hunt for Lily leads them on a chase to find a serial killer called The Huntsman. This former lover of Lily has captured Max in an effort to hurt Ryan for what happened to her son.

Can Max be saved? And what last minute twists will leave you even more shocked?

Relive the hour or catch up on all the thrills when you watch The Following online now.

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The Following Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm here, Ryan.


That means he would have had somebody inside the Bureau this entire time.