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Did Joe Carroll’s former teacher know the location of his past protege?

That was the question on The Following Season 2 Episode 8 that Ryan and Mike wanted to know, interrogating Dr. Strauss for any information about the charismatic killer. But how far are the two willing to go?

Ryan has been granted a covert team by the FBI director himself, in an effort to bring down Joe and Lily and avoid the mole.

Meanwhile, Joe continues to infiltrate Micah’s cult, influencing the leader to lock away his wife, eliminate dissenters and prepare for an attack on New York unlike the world has ever seen. He’s coming for you, Ryan. Get ready.

Watch The Following online now for all the entertaining action on the latest installment.

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The Following Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

My desire to kill is based on a psychopathic need to kill. I find a terrible beauty in it.


I'm going to be really polite here and just say... go to hell.