Days of Our Lives Recap: The Angry Women of Salem

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It turned out to be the angry women's club in Salem as the week ended with yelling, more yelling and one good slap. 

The Calm Before the Storm

We'll start with Julie who continued her campaign to be the most annoying person in Salem. She and Doug didn't make Sonny and Will's wedding but she was furious that Nick wasn't even invited. Apparently she's of the opinion that all of that gay bashing, blackmailing, and trying to steal Will's child, should all be old news. Nick's changed. Why would the boys possibly hold a grudge?

But soon Julie decides it's all Sami's fault. It's not, but sometimes it is fun to watch Julie get in Sami's face. Kind of funny really, since they both have histories of being the bad girls in Salem. Sami basically rolls her eyes at Aunt Julie and sends her on her way…but not before spying Nick's shoes. 

That's when it hits her, those are the same shoes she saw on Gabi's living room floor and assumed were Will's. Since Sami Brady has the ability to make any bad situation worse, she storms over to Gabi's to call her a "selfish, lying little bitch" and Gabi slaps her. 

I'm no fan of Gabi's. I think she's foolish and naive at best and a complete dim-wit at worst but I did cheer when she smacked Sami. If only she could see through Nick's facade and stand up for herself with him. 

But that's probably not going to happen any time soon which leads us to the strangest wedding night conversation, ever.

Will and Sonny had one of the best wedding's that Salem has seen in years. They finally get to their hotel room and the first order of business is to discuss Ariana's custody agreement? As if that couldn't have waited until morning.

Of course Sonny is right. Will is a fool for not having an agreement with Gabi after the hell he went through with her and Nick last year. I'm shocked that EJ or Justin, the attorneys in the family didn't have him drafting one as soon as that little girl was born. 

Now that Gabi's getting modeling gigs around the globe, how long do you think it will be before she wants to take that little girl with her? And if Nick has his way they might just not come back. Will needs to grow a back bone and make sure his rights are protected as Ariana's father. Unfortunately, after today's fiasco with Sami, I doubt Gabi will take it well.

The other big news this week was Liam drugging Dr. Dan. Teresa was right. Liam doesn't mess around. He's been a busy boy, bugging homes and drugging drinks. What was worse was that it gave Ann a soap box to rival Julie as most annoying woman in Salem. 

The only chance Daniel has of clearing his name is if Nicole figures out what Liam did and calls him out. The problem there is that she suspects that Liam could out her with those shredded documents. Will she risk her future with Eric to save her best friend?

Speaking of Eric, the man is giving me whiplash. He did another 180 this week when he decided that he and Nicole should get married, even if it's not in a church. Honestly, I'd care more if I really thought their wedding had any chance of happening. 

A few last thoughts…

  • JJ and Paige were kind of adorable, even if Jennifer's cluelessness almost ruined things for her son.
  • Stefano gleefully spilled the beans to EJ that he knows about his tryst with Abigail.
  • Brady finally explained that the reason he's attracted to Teresa is that she's the only person who wasn't there to witness what a fool he was with Kristen.
  • Hope played superhero cop and saved Aidan's son from a mugger, leading to an awkward reconciliation.
  • Abe and Maxine got closer. It's an interesting pairing, but I'll come out and say it. Are they pushing these two together because they are the only African-Americans in Salem, other than Abe's son Theo?

That's a wrap. Share your thoughts on this week's happenings in Salem and you tell us. Did Sami deserve the slap from Gabi?

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