Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Sami See the Photos?

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This week in Salem had Rafe investigating Nick, Brady breaking things off with Teresa and someone slipping dirty pictures under EJ's door.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Silverfox and Stickywicket from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to discuss favorite couples and whether Sami will see those photos.


Will Rafe finally get someone to tell him the truth about Nick?

Nick: I'm hoping Rafe does some digging since he is a cop about Nick and Gabi, it'll probably be Nick himself that spills it to Rafe in an effort to undermine him further when he's with Gabi.

Silverfox:  If he pushed hard enough, Gabi would cave. He needs to work on her, use his questioning skills as a detective. She is the weakest link.

Stickywicket:  I think if anyone can find out the truth, Rafe can! Perhaps Nick has changed...who am I kidding? Lol!

Christine:  It's about time Rafe acted like an investigator and stopped mooning over Jordan. I really hope he figures out their secret. Silverfox is right. I don't think it would take much to get Gabi to spill the story. Then the fun could really begin.

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Who slipped the photos under EJ's door?

Nick: A Stefano henchman or Mr. Greetings. Stefano most likely, wanting to light a fire under EJ to get going with their deal.

Silverfox:  I’m thinking it was Percy Ruggles, Nick’s birdwatching friend.

Stickywicket: I thought at first it might be Abigail, when she made the comment to Nick, "Sometimes I think the sidelines are the perfect place to be." But, she didn't take the photos of herself, so doubtful! I am thinking that Dimera Mansion door should be more secure with all the money they have! I am thinking it may turn out to be Nick. Nick might think it is easier to divide and conquer Sami and E.J.

Christine:  I honestly don't know but to above answers are my top two options. I just can't figure out who gains anything right now by outing EJ.

Will Brady stay away from Teresa? Do you want him to?

Nick: They are so boring right now that I don't even care if they break up. In fact, I would rather they do break up so Brady can begin getting back to himself.

Silverfox:  I like Teresa and Brady together, but she was mostly a rebound for him, a diversion. Maybe once they both pull their lives together a little more, they can revisit a possible relationship.

Stickywicket:  Brady seems very sincere in offering his help to Daniel, so I hope he stays focused and away from Theresa for the time being. It might give Theresa a chance to start to "rehabilitate" herself! I think another visit from her parents, Shane and Kimberly could provide the additional support she needs.

Christine:  Brady's definitely been on the same story loop for a while now so anything that changes that is good. Teresa also needs something better to do than whine and complain about Daniel and Jennifer. Maybe a breakup will propel them into something more interesting.

Who was your favorite couple of the week?

Nick: Aidan and Hope. They were so much fun this week working on the gala. There's wonderful chemistry there between the two of them, and it's fun watching them develop as a pair after watching Hope be alone for so long.

Silverfox:  Easy. JJ and Paige. They have captured my attention and I love seeing the beginning stages of young love. They remind me a lot of a young Philip and Chloe during the high school era.

Stickywicket:  I have to say I am really liking Brady/ Theresa! The writers could really create a great storyline here with these two and involve Shane, Kimberly and John Black. Shane, Kimberly and John are good friends and now this, so much potential and three outstanding actors to pull it off.

Christine:  I really enjoy Aidan and Hope but I wonder where it's going. If the show isn't willing to end things between Bo and Hope (divorce or death) then I don't want to get my hopes up for a couple that may never happen, or will get torn apart the moment they decide to bring Bo back.

Will Sami see the photos in the envelope?

Nick: I think so, if only because May sweeps are soon and they need to pick up their stories for ratings.

Silverfox:  I think she will, mostly based on some press I’ve read about it, although I’m surprised it will come out so soon.

Stickywicket:  All signs lead to yes from what I have been reading, but you never know what will happen for sure on a daytime soap!

Christine:  It seems too soon. I think they'll still drag it out a bit but May sweeps just around the corner, the big reveal will probably be soon.

What was your favorite story line or scene of the week?

Nick: Aidan and Hope, for the same reasons mentioned above.

Silverfox:  My favorite storyline of the week was Paige and JJ’s budding romance, and my favorite scene was the kiss.

Stickywicket:  I liked the scene with Hope/Aidan/Roman/Mrs.Van Hopper. It reminded me of the 80's Days, great acting, some comedy and a chance for the veterans to show us their great talent.

Christine:  I actually liked Sami and Rafe's conversation, although I kept wanting her to drag him somewhere and tell him the truth, even if it was just in hypothetical terms so that he'd understand what he was up against with Nick. 

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