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It was quite the week on Days of Our Lives as Sonny and Will's wedding took center stage and the two grooms made it down the aisle without a hitch. When was the last time we saw such a beautiful, drama free wedding in Salem?

TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by TreyDawgg from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum as they dish on the most memorable speeches, best dresses, and whether another Days couple has any chance of making it to the altar. 


Who had the best speech at the wedding?

Nick: Lucas gave the best speech. While all three are wonderful, Lucas' speech actually takes root from stories on the canvas, and it echoes the growth he and Sami took when Will came out. It's a full circle moment, and I bawled my eyes out.

TreyDawgg:  I loved Caroline's speech at the wedding. It gives perspective at how much societies views towards the openly gay lifestyles have changed in a lifetime.

Christine:  Do I really have to choose? They were all wonderful but I'll go with Justin's. I wish we had been able to see more of Sonny growing up. He's such an intriguing character but Justin gave us some great insights into who Sonny has always been. Fearless.

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Do Eric and Nicole stand a chance given his adherence to the rules of the church?

Nick: Eric and Nicole don't stand a chance at all while this secret looms over their relationship. Eric's commitment to the church's teachings are just a false point of contention until Nicole finally spills.

TreyDawgg:  Unfortunately, no. Eric and Nicole are doomed for many reasons. Eric can't let go of his faith any more than Nicole can stop deceiving. They both might want to, but they'd both be sacrificing too much of themselves.

Christine:  I just don't see them working, for many of the reasons above. Nicole will never completely change and she needs someone who will accept her for who she is.  When Eric told her if he couldn't marry her in the Catholic church, he couldn't marry her at all, that seemed like a good reason for them to call it quits right there. I don't know where they go from here.

Who was the most annoying character of the week?

Nick: Surprisingly, no one is annoying this week for me. Liam comes close to be annoying because he brings the joy that is Dannifer to my TV, but his meddling and screwing with them makes up for it. Nick Fallon continues to put dumber than rocks Gabi under his spell, so those two are as close to annoying as it gets for me.

TreyDawgg:  Nick! He can't leave Gabi alone to enjoy a function without him? He's a controlling snot. 

Christine:  For me it was Jennifer. Her over reaction to the checkbook incident annoyed the heck out of me. The girl needs to book an appointment with Marlena about her issues with men offering help. I actually find Daniel and Nicole a lot more fun to watch. 

Would you have changed anything about Will and Sonny's wedding?

Nick: Days has this habit of treating Will and Sonny the same as every couple until they make it to the bedroom. Perhaps, the honeymoon scenes are still coming, but that's the only thing I would change about the wedding: seeing what happens afterwards at the Salem Inn. They're a young couple in love; I'd like to see some shirts flying off and some making out, not just the afterglow.

TreyDawgg:  It was a nice wedding. The only thing I'd change is Adrienne/Sami's one upping each other. They both need a muzzle :)

Christine:  I loved every moment of it. It made me laugh. It made me cry and just about everyone got their turn in the spotlight. It was one of the best weddings Salem has seen in a long time. 

Who wore the best dress?

Nick: I really liked Kate's dress. It fits her tastes and flair, and it is incredibly beautiful. Marlena's is a close second. Also, how about those Grooms? Sonny and Will looked incredible too.

TreyDawgg:  I really liked Jordan's dress. But, overall, they were all lovely and flattering.

Christine:  I loved Sami's. She looked stunning in that color and it fit her perfectly. 

What was your favorite scene, plot, or line of the week?

Nick: This will be no surprise from me: Will and Sonny's wedding. Days did an incredible job. Every detail was there. So much of Days, and soaps in general, are about family. Will and Sonny were ready at their wedding to create their own. Will's eyes light up when he sees Sonny for the first time, and Sonny practically drags Adrienne down the aisle when he sees Will. However, it is also about joining their two respective families: both Justin and Adrienne and Sami and Lucas shine although only Sami is really featured on the canvas. Will and Sonny's vows evoke the bonds they share, and when Marlena officiates their union and ends with "all the days of your lives." Kate is also acknowledged by Will; a character who has done so much for him, but has taken a backseat to Marlena the last few years. Even Austin and Carrie are mentioned. It's absolutely amazing, so many tears were shed on my part. 

TreyDawgg:  This was a hard one. There were so many good moments. Overall, the wedding was a win!

Christine:  The wedding was amazing. Like Nick, I loved how much family was involved. It was beautiful and how all weddings should be. Unfortunately, Sami was right. There's no way that he and EJ's wedding can top it. 

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