Reign Picture Preview: Battles and Bedrooms

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War! Huh. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. 

Well, excepting finding new allies between royalty and the kitchen help. On Reign Season 1 Episode 20, Francis embraces his role as Dauphin as he leads France into a brutal battle with England. 

Somewhere along the way, he discovers a potential new ally in Greer's dalliance and kitchen servant Leith! That should be interesting, right?

Meanwhile, Mary is going to hire a mercenary to help her since she's not fit for battle. Doing so makes her realize exactly what -- and who -- she's willing to sacrifice for the sake of her country.

Bash and Kenna grew closer, much closer, in Reign Season 1 Episode 19 and as he learns of Mary's plans, it looks like he might confide in his new bride how he's feeling about it. Or maybe he's just back for another round of their new sport -- lovemaking! They're already in the right place... Hey, we can hope!!

Flip through the photos and be back next week for a full run down of the episode after it airs.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Mary: Catherine, I beg of you.
Queen Catherine: You're a queen! Don't beg. It invites pity and disdain.

Mary: Do all married couples have these struggles?
Greer: I think you've redefined marital discord.

Reign Season 1 Episode 20 Music

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Elenowen bittersweet Bittersweet Elenowen iTunes
Allman brown sons and daughters Sons & Daughters Allman Brown iTunes