9 Memorable Jisbon Moments on The Mentalist: From Killing to Kissing

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After six seasons of banter between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, the former finally found the courage to tell Lisbon he loved her on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22.

As luck would have it, Lisbon loves him back. Hooray!

While some fans agreed with Kimball Cho and only saw a brother/sister vibe between the couple, Jisbon shippers rejoiced as this dynamic duo finally shared its first real kiss. 

To celebrate, let's take a look back at 9 memorable Jane-Lisbon moments from The Mentalist - and if you can't get enough of your favorite show, you can always watch The Mentalist online here at TV Fanatic.

Click around and enjoy!

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The Mentalist Quotes

Jane: That is a very lovely dress - great color.
Heather: Thank you I am Heather Evans.

Cho: You didn't steal jewelery from her?
Natalie: Please. She dresses like a Mormon call girl. I wouldn't wear her jewelery if you paid me.