The Mentalist Promo - "Fire and Brimstone"

We're inching ever close to the identity of Red John. Check out the promo for The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 6 now.

The Mentalist Promo - "The Red Tattoo"

only five Red John suspects remain. Watch this promo for The Mentalist to see what's about to happen with one of them.

Red Queen Promo

"Stand back, or he dies." Who says this and why? Watch this promo for The Mentalist episode "Red Queen" and find out now.

The Mentalist Finale Preview

A copycat killer brings Red John back into the picture on the season finale of The Mentalist. Check out the official preview now for "Red Sky in the Morning."

Return of Kristina Frye

Leslie Hope is back on this episode of The Mentalist. So is her character of Kristina Frye, and so are the sparks between her and Jane.

Red All Over Promo

On "Red All Over," Malcolm McDowell guest stars. He plays the cult-like leader of a dangerous group, one linked to the death of a CEO.

Blood Money Promo

The Mentalist airs a new episode on April 22, 2010. This is the official CBS promo for it.

Aingavite Baa Preview

This is the official CBS promo for "Aingavite Baa." It's the 4/8/10 episode of The Mentalist.

Bleeding Heart Promo

Check out this official promo for The Mentalist. It previews the episode titled "Bleeding Heart."

His Red Right Hand Promo

Billed as "the episode you've been waiting for," watch the official CBS promo for "His Red Right Hand" right here and now.

Red Bulls Preview

The 11/12/09 episode of The Mentalist is titled "Red Bulls." Check out this official CBS preview for it now.

Red Scare Promo

Welcome to Halloween on The Mentalist. This episode focuses on a murder... that may have been caused by a ghost.

The Mentalist Quotes

Lisbon: How are the kids?
Rigsby: Sticky mostly.

Jane: You look marginally rested.
Lisbon: I was hoping to actually get to REM sleep tonight.