Days of Our Lives Recap: Gabi Shot Nick!

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Figuring out who killed Nick Fallon is a little like playing musical chairs.

There are plenty of participants and every time the music stops someone is left standing. So we've gone from EJ's hit man to Lucas, to Sonny, to Will and now Gabi. 

Have we left anyone out?  Maybe grandma Caroline pulled the trigger and just doesn't remember.

Victor Tries to Help Sonny

Favorite scene of the week:  That goes to Victor Kiriakis who did his best to save Sonny from "the cops and your own stupidity" as he offered to set Sonny up with a great job in Indonesia and send Will, Gabi, and Ari along with him. When it comes to looking out for family, it's hard to beat Victor. 

Of course I knew exactly what Victor was up to with that job offer but it was a relief to hear him finally confront Sonny with the truth in this Days of Our Lives quote

The next time you want a man murdered, you come to me.


Exactly! That's what I was thinking when Sonny snuck the gun out of the house in the first place. Maybe Sonny was concerned because as Victor put it, Maggie's always had a soft spot for Nick but Victor knew Fallon was "a miserable son of a bitch" who had to be stopped. 

I couldn't help but laugh when Victor commented to Sonny about the gun…

Oh, and I noticed you put it back minus three bullets. At least you didn't waste any of them.


But Sonny was scrambling because he didn't do it and he worried that Will had…until he realized something. Will is a lousy liar. He obviously failed to inherit that particular gene from his mother or grandma Kate. So there's no way he'd be able to keep shooting Nick in cold blood from Sonny. 

Some might say that he kept the secret about shooting EJ for years but that's why they sent him to school in Europe, so that he wouldn't spill the beans in a fit of conscience. 

Honestly, Will may have been trying to stand up and be a man but for the most part he sounded like a whiny little boy. The question is, was he trying to protect Sonny or Gabi?

Now this can go two ways. Either Gabi is just the latest contestant in the I Shot Nick game or she really did it.

My vote is that she really did it. Nick finally pushed her too far and she snapped. What shocks me is that she could put all three shots into Nick. She doesn't strike me as that good of a shot but perhaps her brother taught her how to handle a weapon. And she has been remarkably calm since Nick's demise. 

Elsewhere Nicole dug her hole even deeper as she argued with Daniel and told Eric that his good friend was out of his mind. 

The rational part of me realizes that Nicole's lies can't continue and that Eric deserves to know the truth. But the irrational side is annoyed with Daniel and Jennifer. Daniel's happy to lie when it suits his own purposes and Jennifer looked a lot like the school tattle tale as she literally ran to tell Eric the truth before Nicole even had the chance. 

Not that Nicole was going to tell the truth, but that's besides the point.  

My heart broke for Nicole as she explained her feelings about Eric to Daniel...

I was his first. He was my last. He was the last person that I loved with no strings. No hidden plan.


But she admits she was too stupid to realize what a gift it all was the first time. Now she realizes it, she just doesn't know how to keep it.

Now we all just sit back and wait for the fall out as NIcole's lies catch up with her...again.

The only other interesting storyline this week was Bev becoming the sleazy girl who uses her STD test to break up another couple. Talk about a new low. 

What was refreshing was that Paige didn't buy it. Just as I was groaning about how cliche this all was and wondering if I was going to fast forward through Paige and JJ's scenes for most of the summer, Paige not only saw through Bev's manipulations, she even discussed it openly with JJ. 

Wow! That bit of honesty and common sense left me smiling the rest of the day. 

So TV Fanatics, with another week down, do you think Gabi killed Nick?

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