Days of Our Lives Recap: Who Shot Nick Fallon?

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After weeks of threatening, taunting, and smugly ticking off pretty much every person in Salem, someone finally put a bullet in Nick Fallon. More than one, actually but will it be enough to take him down for good?

There was no doubt this was coming as Nick took the kid gloves off and openly mocked not only his enemies but even his friends.

Abigail is Stunned

Abigail, who looked stunning in that grey plaid dress was shocked when cousin Nick threw her affair with EJ in her face. That he knew at all was a surprise but what she never expected was for him to enjoy shoving it in her face.

Once Sami gets done with EJ he's going to be singing the blues in a very, very high voice.


Leave it to Abigail to decide that the way to deal with Nick was to run to mommy. I know she wanted to spare Jennifer from hearing the news from someone else but the fact that this was her first thought really annoyed me. 

As for Sami and EJ, well perhaps the couple that hires a murder together is the one that stays together. Sami really did want to give Nick a chance when she heard how he'd been so good to Ali and for just a moment, I almost thought she'd gotten to him but then Nick's true colors quickly bled through as he sneered to Sami in this Days of Our Lives quote

You can go and tell your little boy that if he minds his manners, minds his Ps and Qs that maybe I'll let him come by and visit his daughter once in a while.


If that wasn't asking for a bullet I don't know what was because as smart as Nick can be, he's certainly dumb. Sami has proven she's willing to do the deed herself and as domesticated as EJ may have become, he's still a Dimera and it only takes one phone call and a pile of cash to make someone disappear. 

Speaking of which, perhaps someone needs to explain to Sonny that he's a Kiriakis and uncle Victor can put him in touch with the same type of people. Of course I'm guessing that Sonny hesitated going to Uncle Vic because of Maggie. I'm not sure she could forgive having a family member murdered no matter how charming Victor can be.

I do wonder to whom that gun from the Kirakis mansion is registered because if Sonny did use it and put it back, that could get sticky if someone came looking.  

However I did have to smile when Sonny set Will straight on what being a Kiriakis meant…

Will: There's nothing you can do.
Sonny: No Kiriakis has ever, ever accepted that premise.

Abigail, EJ, Sami, Will, Sonny…and we haven't even gotten to Gabi, Kate, Ben, or Rafe.  I think the dark horse here may be Gabi. Her mental state was becoming perilous and she's got to be hurt and angry at Nick manipulating her once again. If she found Sonny's gun in the closet she could have snapped and decided to use it. 

So what do you think TV Fanatics? Who shot Nick Fallon?

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