Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Nick Dead?

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What a week on Days of Our Lives!  Nick was shot but with most of Salem wanting him dead it's anyone's guess who finally pulled the trigger. 

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and  Christine Orlando is joined by KathyJ from MyHourglass a Days Fan Forum to discuss who shot Nick, will he die, and what was their favorite scenes of the week.


Who do you think shot Nick?

Nick:  I really, really want Sonny or Will to shoot him. It gives their mostly squeaky clean characters some edge to them, but I doubt they are the ones who did so. I'm actually thinking Rafe is the culprit since he walks in basically right before Nick does.

KathyJ:  I think Gabi shot Nick. Nick knew too many of her secrets - her part in his attempted murder and her part in kidnapping Melanie. Nick was forcing his way into Ari's relationship with Will and Sonny and that would bring the wrath of Sami and Kate down on her. She thought this was the only way to protect Ari. 

Christine:  There are so many possibilities! Most of Salem wanted the little weasel dead but I too am going with Gabi. Knowing that Nick had manipulated her once again and that her daughter's future was on the line may have pushed her over the edge.

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Will Nick die? 

Nick:  Yeah, he's toast. Rest in piece Nick Fallon.

KathyJ:   Yes, I think Nick will die.

Christine:  I think this could be it for Nick and I'm surprisingly torn over it. I really thought I'd cheer when he was finally gone for good but when he's really bad he's actually kind of fun.

Do you care if Jordan stays or goes? 

Nick:  Jordan threatening to leave again? So surprising! I honestly do not care about her character at all. They've done absolutely nothing with her. I love Chrishell from her AMC days, but she's not being used at all. Even Ben is more interesting at the moment.

KathyJ:   I don't really care if Jordan stays or goes. But since we have invested so much time in this character I think we deserve to know her secret. 

Christine:  I'm so tired of Jordan. I don't care what her secret is, I just wish she'd stop taking air time from characters I care about. 

What will Daniel do with the information he found on the island? 

Nick:  I'm hoping he will ultimatum Nicole. It's getting ridiculous how long she's keeping this information under wraps. Now that Eric's proposed to her too.

KathyJ:   I think Daniel will confront Nicole and demand that she tells Eric the truth. Daniel will threaten to tell Eric if Nicole doesn't.

Christine:  Yeah, things don't look good for Nicole. I don't think Daniel's going to be willing to keep her secret. I agree with KathyJ. I think he'll force her to tell Eric the truth. 

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?  

Nick:  I've been waiting a very long time to see Nick Fallon get what's coming to him. It was shocking because I wasn't expecting it at all, but I love a good whodunit soap storyline.

KathyJ:   My favorite scenes this week were Julie and Nick. I liked Julie relating to Nick on a personal level and trying to convince him that he could change his life. I was glad to see the writers draw on Julie's history and even a mention of Nick's mother's problems. Julie was there to hold him after he had been shot. At least, one person loved him in the crowd of haters.

Christine:  As much as Julie annoys me, I really did enjoy her trying to connect with Nick and get him to find help. Second was Sami trying to do the same and Nick throwing it back in her face. The guy is (or was) seriously twisted.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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