Max Greenfield Gushes Over Hot In Cleveland, Teases Grifting Guest Appearance

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Following last night's New Girl Season 3 finale, you may not see Max Greenfield as Schmidt again for a few more months.

But you can flip to TV Land tonight and see the actor on Hot in Cleveland, as Greenfield previewed his appearance on the long-running sitcom back during an interview with TV Fanatic in October.

What role does he play? Which of the women does his character sleep with? Just how much does Greenfield adore Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves and Valerie Bertinelli?

Watch the star gush over the cast and explain the duplicitous motives of his grifter now:

What sort of shenanigans can you expect from Greenfield on the episode? Check out a pair of clips here: 

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Max Greenfield Quotes

Schmidt: Does it say "share stuff" in the Constitution of America? No, it does not. Nicholas, what does it say?
Nick: Don't share stuff.

Jess: Where are your nipples, man?
Schmidt: I'll never tell!