Person of Interest: Watch Season 3 Episode 22 Online

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Decima. Vigilance. The government. The POI team.

The various groups battle for control on Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 22. That means a Reese and Shaw team-up with Control, Root using a group of hackers to help her with Samaritan, and the continued search for Finch.

Which group will be victorious? Who will unleash their form of justice and rules on the world? Will everyone make it out alive?

Strap in and watch Person of Interest online now to find out.

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Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

I built the machine to save lives. But how could I be certain that it wouldn't one day determine that all of humanity was irrelevant?


Do you want to prevent acts of terror or do you want stay in the dark and watch your country burn?