Suits Season Premiere Pics: Mike's New Digs

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Suits is coming!

The beloved USA drama returns with new episodes on June 11 and most viewers are wondering: How will things play out without Mike at Pearson Specter?

Apparently there are rough waters ahead... rough enough to put the new attorney/client relationship between Mike and Harvey in jeopardy.

With a background in investment banking, it becomes easy to pick out that type of office and unless I've lost my touch, we get a nice look at Mike's new home in the photos from Suits Season 4 Episode 1.

We also know that a former District Attorney who was disgraced is looking to pick a fight against Harvey and Pearson Specter. The list of people who think Harvey has wronged then over the years continues to grow.

Flip through the photos and be back here for a full review of "One-Two-Three-Go..." in just over two weeks.

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