Mistresses Review: Carpe Diem Your Face Off

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When last we left Savi, she'd just had a horrific car accident, found out the baby she was carrying wasn't her hubby's and was coding on the table as doctor's fought to save her life.

Eight months later in Mistresses Season 2 Episode 1

Savi's back, but damn them for getting my hopes up with Joss planning a baby shower for someone's little boy. Not Savi's. Sigh. I knew it was too good to be true when I saw all of that baby stuff and it still made me hope.

But no. Predictably, Savi lost her baby after having six surgeries to save her life and then eight months of physical therapy. 

Don't forget the brief coma. Those were some of the best conversations you and I have ever had.


Does that mean Savi chose Harry, Dom or ended up on her own?

Savi and Dom hook up once she gets her clean bill of health and it's actually their first time together since they had the hot desk sex that got her pregnant in the first place. Ah, memories.

I'm happy for Savi. She smiles a lot more with Dom, but she's still trying to figure out what do next as she explains in this Mistresses quote

When you cheat death you're suppose to carpe diem your face off but I don't know what that looks like or how to do it.


Considering she's romping between the sheets with Dom, I'd say she's doing just fine. Thankfully, Savi decides to head back to work. Dom's now a partner and complaining about a needy new associate known as "Tony, the time suck."

Wel,l since Tony is actually Toni and looks like a Victoria's Secret model, hopefully time is all she's sucking. 

Elsewhere, Harry was talking about seeing his lady. Oh no he didn't! Yes he did. He's sleeping with his ex-hostess, Kira, who was unashamedly throwing herself at him last season.

I guess when you lose your restaurant and your wife gets pregnant by another man and leaves you for him... you get your hot, slutty, hostess as a consolation prize. 

Harry and Joss seemed awful chummy and I have to wonder if that's going anywhere as she asks him to be her go-to caterer for her new business. 

Harry: Does throwing parties actually constitute a career?
Joss: It does if you live in Los Angeles.

April's back on the dating scene. The online dating scene where her latest date asked her to pet his pig, and it wasn't a euphemism for anything.

That's what happens when you go online. The dregs of society show up at your door and take you to places like miniature golf and karaoke bars.


Her old friend Mickey looks like he should bring some fun into her life and he does so quickly when he pushes her to find her inner artist. In the process of reexamining her life, April stumbles into a hot artist and the two decide to get to know one another better while taking off each other's clothes.

Then there's Dr. Karen Kim…who is still a doctor after having an affair with a dying patient and then later sleeping with his son who ended up shot dead on her living room floor. Apparently that only gets you suspended for six months. 

Now Karen's working in the ER and her personal life is put on the back burner which is probably for the best. Considering the last two men she slept with both ended up dead, who wants to sign up to be number three?

So TV Fanatics, are you happy that Savi chose Dom over Harry?

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Don't forget the brief coma. Those were some of the best conversations you and I have ever had.


I'll probably be OK. I'm more of a cry on the inside kind of a person.