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As the season drew to a close, 24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 12 had Jack facing a horrifying decision. Capture Cheng and stop a war with China, or let him go and save Audrey's life.

Jack sent Kate Morgan to save Audrey from a sniper, which she did, Unfortunately she never saw the second shooter and Audrey died after being shot. 

After proving to the Chinese that Cheng was truly alive, Jack beheaded him. But when the Russians captured Chloe, he made a trade. Jack gave himself over to the Russians to gain her freedom. 

Meanwhile, a broken President Heller took his daughter home in a flag draped casket.

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24: Live Another Day Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

At this point I think I'm the only friend you have left, whether you want to admit it or not.


Adrian lied to me. The only thing I did wrong was to believe him. Please let me make this right.