Days of Our Lives Recap: Payback's a Bitch

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Sami was in perfect form as she delivered payback to EJ and Abigail on this week's Days of Our Lives. Best of all, she's not done yet.  

Not to mention that she had so many amazing lines that it's hard to know where to start. But let's start with EJ. 

First off, Sami joined forces with Kate to take over Dimera enterprises but don't mistake that to mean they're BFFs as they explained in this Days of Our Lives quote

Kate: Sami, you said it yourself. We're not pals.
Sami: Yeah, yeah no kidding. But I did think we could get through this one deal before you pulled out the shiv again.

It was hard not to smile as these two pulled together to set up the powerful Dimera men in order to knock them down. Once they put the board members in their places and took their seats as co-CEOs, it was time to drop the ax on EJ. The poor guy never saw it coming.

When Sami finally let him in on the secret, that she knew about his affair with Abigial, he tried every way he knew to wiggle out of it but Sami would not be deterred…

Don't spare me any of it. How young she was. How gorgeous she is. Those thighs. If you're going to cut me you want to jam that knife all the way in.


It was brilliant. EJ could do nothing but squirm under the fiery glare that Sami had leveled against him. He brought up how Sami had left his bed. He tried to make it sound as though it was just a one time thing, but Sami was ready for it all.  The best may have been the look on EJ's face when Sami admitted she knew about the two of them in the shower at the club.

You guys were soapy and slip sliding around...and there's Abigail, promising God she's arriving sometime soon.


When Sami finally walked away, declaring she had taken everything he cared about and she wasn't done yet, EJ was gutted. When she'd walked into that jail, EJ had had a loving wife, beautiful family, and believed he could save his company. When she walked out he had lost it all.

I really did feel sorry for him as he sat in a crumpled heap on his jail cell floor.

But Sami was far from done. Next stop was Abigail and I knew exactly what was coming as Sami flipped through the wedding photos on her tablet. 

It was no surprise that Jennifer thought that picture was some sort of sick joke. In her defense, it wasn't all that long ago that she was Photoshopped into a photo by creepy Liam. But this one was all too real.

Jennifer tried to defend her daughter. It couldn't be true because she hated EJ. Or how could Sami torture her daughter by asking her to plan her wedding when she already knew the truth.

Sami was positively gleeful as she verbally eviscerated poor, innocent Abigail. Because in the beginning, Sami believed Abby was her friend. There to help her learn about art to impress her husband to be. The sweet girl who bonded with her kids and made cupcakes. Until she found out the girl was actually screwing her husband. Dropping the pregnancy scare on Jennifer was an nice touch.

Now Sami is out to spread then news and I can't wait for Monday to see how Will and Sonny react.

Speaking of Sonny, he pulled a Kiriakis move on Will and secretly got him a job at a magazine with his family connections. I'm sure Will will be horrified when he eventually finds out the truth but I kind of like that Sonny is embracing his Kiriakis side. I hope to see more of that in the future.

Elsewhere Brady and Theresa headed to Vegas. After getting falling down drunk, they headed back to Salem with rings on their fingers. I know many will disagree with me and I have no doubt this union will eventually implode but I kind of love it and look forward to what happens next. 

After Sami's visit I'm fairly certain that Jennifer all but forgot about her argument with Eve. I'm probably in the minority but I get where Eve's coming from. They can only sell the rights to this book once. Isn't it smart to get the best deal possible? 

I really liked Eve and JJ's conversation. They actually listened to one another and saw the other side. Eve's willing to give JJ a chance and not stand in the way of him dating Paige but I appreciated how she made it clear to him that the jury's still out. Like any good parent, she's going to keep her eye on him and at least she respected him enough to tell him so. 

Then there was the St. Luke's Gala…What the hell?!? After weeks of hyping this event all we got was Marlena behind a podium (and I've never thought of the good doctor as particularly funny or charming) and Aidan and Hope sharing a dance in the back room.

I understand the soaps have strict budgets to adhere to these days but this was a complete letdown. If you get our hopes up for a special event, we expect a payoff. But I'm willing to let this one go…

Sami's week of revenge more than made up for it. 

Your turn TV Fanatics, what was the best line of the week?

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