Days of Our Lives Round Table: Eve vs. Jennifer

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The Donovan sisters found a common enemy, EJ ended up behind bars and many in Salem celebrated a shirtless 4th of July on this week's Days of Our Lives.

TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Stickywicket and Kpatch from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Eve's lawsuit, Sami's master plan, and their favorite story of the week.


What do you think of Eve and Theresa working together?

Stickywicket:  I think it could be very interesting! I am hoping they both add fresh new plot twists to the the storyline.

Kpatch:  I would say it’s kind of predictable. What I want to know is why they dislike each other.

Christine:  I love the idea. They already have wonderful love/hate chemistry and banter. I think the bad girls of the Donovan family teaming up could be a lot of fun. 

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Should Jennifer fight Eve's lawsuit? Whose side are you on in this fight?

Stickywicket:  If the contract is credible, I think Eve is in the right here. Jennifer can still do what she wants with her half of the profits. After all , Eve did share a portion of her inheritance withJack many moons ago to help him save his newspaper.

Kpatch:  I’m leaning toward Jennifer’s side. I’d say that Jennifer should fight the lawsuit to a point but she should not make it her life’s work. It’s admirable that she wants to fulfill Jack’s wishes, but at some point, she should probably let Eve have her half, if indeed she’s entitled to it. By the way, that annulment agreement still doesn’t make sense to me.

Christine:  If the annulment agreement is legit, then I think Eve has a right to her half. Jack used her money to save The Spectator way back when. As much as I appreciate that Jack wanted to profits to go to Veteran's groups, I don't think that legally Jennifer has a self righteous leg to stand on. 

Did you expect Sami to go through with the wedding?

Stickywicket:  I had my doubts at first and then I thought she probably will because she has a bigger scheme brewing for EJ!

Kpatch:  No, not really. And I have to wonder whether Rafe’s delay in getting the warrant changed Sami’s plans.

Christine:  I wasn't sure what to think For the kids' sake I hope that they would actually get married but like Kpatch, I wonder how much Rafe's delay in getting that warrant played into it. 

What do you hope happens with Sami's master plan?

Stickywicket:  I hope that Sami takes everything away from EJ; the company, his money and is able to send him to jail.

Kpatch:  I would love to see her expose EJ and Abby’s affair in a very public way, like at St. Luke’s Gala. I hope she and Kate get control of Dimera Enterprises and run the cosmetics empire as they see fit.

Christine:  I'm not sure what I hope for EJ. Despite his horrible mistake with Abigail, he did give up quite a bit to save Sami over the last year. As for Abigail, the way she's been bad mouthing EJ every chance she gets, I'm really hoping that Sami uses those photos in a slide show at the St. Luke's Gala. 

Who was your favorite shirtless Salemite at the 4th of July picnic?

Stickywicket:  I think it was a four way tie!

Kpatch:  I’m supposed to say Ben, right? To me, he was too ripped and I don’t find that attractive. Since we didn’t get a glimpse of JJ shirtless, I’m going to say T. He may not have been the hottest guy at the lake, but he was very human.

Christine:  I'm voting for Will. I thought he looked really great in those scenes. But why couldn't we have gotten more of the men of Salem involved in that game?

What was your favorite scene or story of the week.

Stickywicket:  I loved loved loved the scene with Theresa and Grandma Caroline! Caroline seemed to hit the nail on the head when she noticed Theresa was not happy when she talked about Brady. Caroline always saw how good Theresa's parents were together. Kim and Shane need to drop into Salem to help Theresa kick the addictions and steer her in the right direction. Eve is back in Salem, with a great line to her dear sister Theresa…."When Daddy found out I was coming back to Salem he begged me to check in on his law breaking, drug dependent, overdosing, little bundle of joy. " We also found out that Shane and Kim are grandparents, to Eve's daughter Paige, so there is a lot of talent Patsy and Charlie could bring back to the canvas.

Kpatch:  I have a few. Waiting to see what Sami is going to do to EJ is pretty thrilling. I also loved it when JJ heard the name Eve Donovan for the first time and put two and two together. But for sheer entertainment, I vote for the cattiness between Giselle and Marlena.

Christine:  I too, loved Theresa and Caroline. Theresa shows she truly does have a heart when it comes to her grandmother and Caroline can read Theresa whether she likes it or not. I also really enjoyed Eve and Theresa's scenes this week. I'm hoping that we get a lot more background on the Donovan girls and if that brings Shane and Kimberly back to Salem, all the better. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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