Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is the Victim?

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Sami continued her campaign of revenge as most of Salem sided with the Not-So-Innocent Victim on this week's Days of Our Lives. 

Our TV Fanatics, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Vanessa from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether or not Abigail is a victim, if Theresa can be redeemed, and if there's any hope for EJ and Sami. 


Where do you fall on the scale between Abigail is an innocent victim to Abby is a home-wrecking whore?

Nick: She's right between victim and whore. She's no innocent victim in all of this; Abigail is, after all, a willing participant a few times over, but she's only slept with two men - that's not even close to being a whore or a slut. If anything, EJ is the whore in all of this. What is puzzling to me is why EJ is not telling a soul why he slept with Abigail: to keep her quiet about searching for Nick and wondering where he went after they dumped him in the river.

Vanessa:  Abby is no angel so a home-wreaking whore, and it really bugs me that everyone in Salem is white-washing her and saying that she did nothing wrong. It takes two to tango, people.

Christine:  I wouldn't call her a whore but definitely a home-wrecker. EJ and Sami were engaged and she actively pursued him and does anyone remember Austin? I'm so tired to 90% of Salem feeling sorry for poor, little, Abigail. If anything, I'd like to see her make an appointment with Marlena to try and figure out why she goes after men in committed relationships.

After assaulting John and blaming it on Brady, is there any hope of redemption for Theresa?

Nick: The way the scenes were done following her Clue like assault - Mr. Black was assaulted in the Kiriakis Living Room with the fireplace poker - shows Theresa having some guilt over it. What kind of guilt remains to be seen since she's continually trying to pin everything on Brady and being drunk. This could be the wake up call Theresa needs though much like Brady.

Vanessa:  No, I can't see any redemption for her, unless somewhere down the road, she shows tremendous regret, and tells the truth. Hey this is a show that had people possessed, so really anything can happen.

Christine:  I agree Nick, the assault was kind of laughable but as for Theresa finding redemption, anything is possible. Unfortunately, she did look very disappointed that she hadn't killed him, so that's not a good sign.

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Marlena and Roman? Marlena and John? Are you rooting for either pairing?

Nick: Not really, if I had to pick one it would be Marlena and John, but even with Marlena and John the pair has been wrecked so well for now that I don't really need Marlena being paired with any man right now.

Vanessa:  I'm not rooting for either pairing. John was a real pr*ck to Marlena when Kristen was in town, Roman's hardly ever around. So embrace being by yourself, Marlena!

Christine:  Years ago I was quite the fan of John and Marlena but that was a long time ago. And the only time I felt chemistry between her and Roman was when he was played by Wayne Northrop, so I can't say I care either way. 

Do you think Will will write the article about EJ and Sami? Should he?

Nick: Sometimes writers have to write about stories they might not particularly enjoying or support writing about, but Will has a family to take care of nor does he want to rely on Sonny as their only income. With that in mind it's very likely that Will is going to write the story, and with Sonny setting up this job thanks to Uncle Victor it gives the pairing some conflict. Conflict they haven't had in months.

Vanessa:  I don't think it's fair for Will's editor to gave him the article. Sami is Will's mother so no he shouldn't do it, it would be too biased.

Christine:  I know he's just starting out and is hungry to make his mark but I think it's wrong to use your family scandal as a career stepping stone. Personally, I think his only answer should be no. 

Now that Clyde has finally found Tammy Sue and Ollie, are you enjoying Jordan's storyline?

Nick: So long as it doesn't go at a snail's pace I'm glad to finally have something. Surprisingly, as much as I love Chrishell (Rest in Peace All My Children) I'm enjoying Ben's side of things more. Jordan is the one who set all of it in motion, but Ben is the one who it is all about.

Vanessa:  The only reason I'm semi-interested is because Clyde really creeps me out and I was wanting Ben to deck him. I do feel some sympathy for Jordan and Ben. Running from your past never works, guys!

Christine:  To be honest, I'm finding this story as boring as it ever was. For the months of buildup, the payoff so far has been pretty lame. 

Is there any chance that EJ can win Sami back?

Nick: Has Hell frozen over yet?

Vanessa:  Once Sami calms down, I think EJ will get her back. If they are able to get married after EJ kidnapped Sydney and Sami shooting EJ in the head, I can totally see them getting back together after this.

Christine:  I'm with you Vanessa. They've done so many horrible things to one another in the past, I can't imagine this will break them forever. However, watch Sami make EJ earn his way back should be fun.

What was your favorite scene of the week?

Nick: Sami continuing her rampage and dropping this line make for my favorite scene of the week: "My husband cheated on the sweetheart of Sigma Chi."

Vanessa:  Oh that's hard. It would have to be Sami and Kate talking about Rafe and Kate sleeping together . Kate said something like "We were just hanging out." Sami's face was priceless, though. :)

Christine:  Since Nick took my first choice, I'm going to go with Abigail attacking Eve. Abby was completely out of control and if JJ hadn't shown up would have probably ended up in jail. Plus I loved it when Eve told her, "You're as judgmental as your mother with no self control."

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