Teen Wolf at Comic Con: Stars on Derek Losing Power, Scott/Kira... and Wolf Boners?

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It wouldn’t be San Diego Comic Con without the guys from Teen Wolf.

The MTV werewolf drama is always one of the top draws at the annual convention - and since the show is actually airing right now, it was a good time to sit down with stars Tyler Posey (Scott) and Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) to chat about how they feel regarding Teen Wolf Season 4.

What will Derek do now that he’s losing his powers? How Scott has changed over the years? What about those tattoos? And, because this is the kind of thing that comes up when getting the guys together, what the heck is the deal with... wolf boners?

Scott as an Alpha

TV Fanatic: Is Comic Con the same thing for you guys compared to when you first started coming?

Tyler Hoechlin: Our little group has grown a lot every single year I feel like. I know they put us in the big hall last time and it was packed. It will be interesting to see but for us it just gets easier, which is nice. We’re used to it by now.

Tyler Posey: Hoechlin is right. We’re absolutely used to it, there are no surprises anymore and it becomes this relaxing, vacation-esque and doing stuff like this, just hanging out. I love Comic Con! I’m happy I’m here!

TVF: I was watching this last week’s episode and realized that even though we’re still in high school, the characters have grown and changed so much. Do you guys feel that?

TP: I feel like it’s impossible for our characters not to grow, which is the comfortableness of how we are and how we play them. There’s more confidence with our characters. Scott has matured as the years have gone on.

TVF: They’re even dressing Scott differently now with the buttoned up shirts more often.

TP: He’s dressing like a man. He’s got boots. He’s got a motorcycle now. He knows how to talk to girls now instead of fumbling over his words but he’s still 17, though. I relate it to myself and anyone who’s been in the business since they were kids. They go through things that normal kids don’t go through and it kind of ages them a little bit. All the kids from Beacon Hills have done that. They’ve gone through things no kid could go through and it does age them but at the same they’re 17 so they still have the kid-tendencies.

TH: The characters have definitely grown up a lot but as far as the show we’ve noticed internationally just that it’s expanded so much. We’ve gone over there to meet the fans and the overwhelming sense of enthusiasm for the show is crazy but it’s awesome and flattering. It’s great that it’s reaching over there as well as here. The scope of the show and the world of the show have gotten bigger like going to Japan in Season 3 and Season 4 ending up in Mexico. It’s been crazy to watch it expand so much.

TVF: It was just revealed that Derek is losing his powers. What can you tease about where it’s going?

TH: For Derek it’s a huge question. He obviously knows that Kate is responsible for that so his biggest concern right now is finding her and not necessarily for the same reasons that Peter wants to find her or anyone else wants to find her. He has a personal thing with her and needs her to fix or change what he’s going through. It will be interesting to see how he feels about this as his powers start to dwindle. It’s going to be a challenge for him. Hopefully, Braeden will be there to help him out a little bit…

TP: Speaking of Braeden, does losing his powers mean he can’t get a wolf boner anymore? [laughter ensues]

TH: This is why I love interviews with Posey. But we’ll have to see.

TP: I don’t think we’ll have to see. I think will always be able to get it up no matter how many powers he loses.

TH: That’s the true confidence that Scott has in Derek.

TVF: How were you challenged differently as we see Derek in a place we haven’t seen him before?

TH: It was really interesting playing Derek this year. I think I felt more different as Derek on set this season than any other season because this is such a massive thing. And I related it to my baseball thing and really growing up baseball was my identity. I was acting, I enjoyed acting and I loved it but my identity from my first memory was playing baseball so that’s who I was grounded as. It’s incredible how an activity or occupation can give you a sense of self and when that’s gone, there’s that weird little thing you go through of ‘well, who am I now?’ That’s Derek’s biggest thing, it’s ‘if I’m not a werewolf, who am I? What do I do?’

TVF: Does Peter help at all or is he doing his own thing?

TH: He’s still not trustworthy. He hasn’t earned his place yet.

TVF: He’s kind of a dick.

TH: Yeah, he is. [laughs] It’s like we say in the episode, nobody likes him but he’s still a necessary evil to have around. He does provide knowledge at times that is very essential and he’s still a force we feel we can manipulate for our advantage when we need it so we’ll keep him around for now.

TVF: Posey, tell me about Scot and Kira. They’re so sweet together!

TP: They’re very sweet and I think it’s very cool because it’s a different side of Scott that you haven’t seen. You’ve definitely seen Scott in love but he’s got so much more confidence with this love. I think he can relate more to Kira than he did with Allison. Scott and Allison had this insane connection that could never be tested or broken but he and Kira have so much in common with them being the outcasts at school, the powers, the camaraderie, the sense of wanting to stick together, they’re just perfect for each other. And now she’s on the lacrosse team and so they have a romantic relationship but a team relationship. I love them together. They care about each other and want to protect each other.

TH: I liked it in the beginning of the show when it was Scott and Allison and Allison was how Scott is now where Scott found his strength in Allison and Kira is now finding her strength in Scott. It’s an interesting development in Scott’s character that he can now be the anchor now in the relationship. It’s a cool evolution.

TP: That is cool. You’re giving me chills, man!

TVF: Also in this last episode, you two share a scene about Liam and it’s a nice triangle in how Derek is seeing Scott take charge of a new wolf. You can see that Derek is happy that Scott is doing his job. Is there more of that kind of scene coming?

TH: I remember that scene sticking out to me a lot as one of the apexes of that relationship with them and I thoroughly enjoyed that scene. I thought it was really fun and it was a weird life imitating art and art imitating life kind of thing. I remember seeing him do that it was interesting because [Posey] is the same age, 22, as I was when we did the first season. So seeing him have that scene with Liam, I seriously had a flashback to when we had that same kind of scene. I thought ‘this is so weird. I am watching real life and the characters at the same time.’ It was a really trippy experience.

TVF: In these next episodes, is Scott’s journey about Liam and keeping him on track?

TP: There’s a bunch of things in play with the assassins and that’s Scott’s main focus. Liam is definitely a huge part of his life now and he’ll spend the rest of the season trying to teach him control but he also has to save his town and save his best friends again so he can’t quit. He has no time to rest or do anything. What’s the saying? Idle hands are the devil’s playground.

TVF: You have some new tattoos, Posey.

TP: [he happily shows some of the new ones on his leg] I like tattoos a lot.

TVF: And you don’t have any, right?

TH: I don’t have any.

TVF:  Not interested?

TH: Not that I’m not interested but I have ideas of things that I would do but just nothing that I was like ‘yeah, I have to get it done.’ I think it would have to be something like you have to have it in order to do it. Maybe someday I’ll get the itch and I’ll do it.

TP: I think for me the reason why I love tattoos so much is because was when I was a kid most of my influences were covered in tattoos and it’s the same for you. For me, it’s just kind of dictated my life, not tattoos but that scene, the style. it’s how I live. [laughs] You just don’t have the itch for it but I’m itching every day!

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV. 

UPDATE: MTV has confirmed Teen Wolf Season 5!

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