Days of Our Lives Recap: A Treacherous Little Snake

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Will's article came out and what exactly did he think was going to happen? That Sami would suddenly reform and beg forgiveness? That airing his family's dirty laundry would somehow make it better?

Whatever his intentions, Will had to face the music with numerous people…and I hope the fallout is just beginning. 

First Sonny accuses him of printing Abigail's name. That was harsh but Will was so gung-ho to make the cover and please his editor that I could almost understand how Sonny jumped to that conclusion. 

Then JJ stormed over and I don't think I've ever liked JJ more than in this scene. JJ was quick to point out that even if Will didn't mention Abby's name, his description of "the other woman" was more than enough to out her. Not to mention that this article was a hell of a thing to do to his own mother.

Grandma Kate came by and was far kinder than I ever expected. No matter what she said, Will just threw it back in her face. He blamed her and his parents for his own behavior. Kate was more sad and disappointed than angry when she left and told Will, "I'm just surprised we turned out to be so much alike."  So true.

EJ was less forgiving, calling Will a treacherous little snake who has seemingly forgotten that EJ forgave Will for shooting him!  Will keeps justifying his article by claiming that he only wrote the truth. Would he like it if someone wrote an article that included the truth about his crimes and mistakes? 

EJ claimed that there would be a deadly price to pay. What did that mean?

Finally Will has to face Marlena and nothing spoke to his defensive state of mind than when he lashed out, "Someone had to stand up to her (Sami) and tell her no because clearly you never did." Ouch! Marlena has always been there for Will and even now, she gave him a pass for his harsh words. 

But one of the things that struck me the most was when Will practically whined that no one had congratulated him on landing the cover. Wow! Did Will expect to ruin peoples' lives and that they'd thank him for it?

For the first time in weeks, I gained some respect for Abigail. When EJ tried to apologize and tell her to play the victim, at least she stood up and admitted that she wanted their affair to happen. It was a mistake but she'll own it. Now if the rest of Salem would stop making excuses for her perhaps she could find some actual redemption. 

I couldn't believe when Sonny stormed over to Sami's to yell at her for giving the editor the one last piece of information she needed to run the article. Abigail's name. I guess Sonny can't allow himself to be mad at Will so he'll take it out on Sami. Even angry and hurt, Sami still asked Sonny to be there for Will because she knows this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. 

Some of my favorite dialogue came from Kate and Sami this week, as in this Days of Our Lives quote

Kate: I think our protection really is that there's no way that even Stefano wants to explain to his grandchildren that he had their mommy and grandmama rubbed out.
Sami: Aw, the old softie.

But the Sami/Will/EJ/Abigail debacle was far from the only thing going on in Salem.  Kristen made bail…and what fun would it have been if she hadn't? I can't even imagine what she's about to say to Brady. The bigger question will be whether he can remain sober after she has her say.

Aidan and Hope had some truly awkward conversations about their non-relationship. She's married and he's still mourning his wife but their attraction makes them act like the other is pursuing a romance instead of running away from their feelings. 

Eve took Jenn's deal although she's not happy about it. Is it enough money to send Paige off to Stanford or is it already too late to get her back in?

Although Salem had it's ups and downs this week, it did give us shirtless scenes with Ben, EJ, and Brady. Is there any chance they can fit Aidan onto that list sometime soon?

So is EJ plotting revenge on Will? Will he help Sami or use this mess to his own advantage? Do you want to see Will on TV promoting his article? And should Abigail forgive or hold him responsible for making her private nightmare public knowledge?

Finally, it's your turn to choose your favorite line of the week.

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