Days of Our Lives Recap: Abigail Confronts Sami...Again!

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Will's article was still front and center on this week's Days of Our Lives. First up was Abigail who didn't let Will get much of a word in as she lambasted him for outing her publicly as EJ's mistress. 

For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I'm really enjoying Abigail. Especially when Will admitted he got paid $3,000 for writing the article. "With inflation, that's almost 30 pieces of silver, Judas." A dig and a bible reference all in one. Nicely done. 

Will didn't tell her that it was his mother who made sure her name ended up in the article, but if it hadn't have been Sami it would have been someone else. Will put enough details to make sure anyone close to the situation could figure it out.

Funny that you didn't feel the need to talk to me before writing the article branding me a whore.


When Abigail did find out about Sami's involvement, she stormed over to the Dimera mansion to give her a piece of her mind. Sami looked almost delighted when Abby slapped her and then tried to flee, as she said to Abby in this Days of Our Lives quote

You're still the same spineless slut you were a few days ago. Obviously you don't even have the guts to come clean in your own prissy little press release.


I loved that Sami mentioned that Abigail chose to fight back with a press release. It just seems like such the Horton thing to do. 

In the end, even Sami appeared to have garnered just a bit of respect for Abby. Is this the end of her need for revenge? Maybe. 

EJ was begging for a second chance and that led to a lunch date. Was Sami really willing to give him his chance or was she just using him to help with Dimera Enterprises? Was EJ as desperate as he appeared to get back in Sami's good graces or was this his own quest for revenge. These two are so cute when they talk about their kids, I really hope that a date is just a date. 

Will and Sonny finally had a real fight. Doesn't it always feel like they are walking on egg shells with one another when they have a disagreement. For once the gloves came off..

My grandmother is a psychiatrist. I don't need my glorified barista husband to tell me what I'm thinking.


I've grown tired of whiny Will. He whines that Sonny got him the job, that no one congratulated him about his article, or that it's all mommy's fault. Now he whines that he's a screwup. Will's a grown man with a child. I understand that he's a bit insecure about starting his career but enough already. He needs to grow up. 

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor came clean with Maggie just as Sonny tried to take his share of the blame. Maggie was right. These two are darn cute. I wish we got more scenes with the Kiriakis men. Speaking of which, can we get Justin back from Dubai and Philip back from Chicago?

Elsewhere, Theresa was finally back to her old ways. Since she hit John we haven't seen much of her snarky side. It took a run in with Jennifer and Abigail's scandal to bring it out.

To snag a man like EJ, well she must be some kind of hell cat in bed. Hey does she get that from you. Is that what Dr. Dan saw in you because I can't imagine what else it could be.


Then there was Theresa's conversation with Paige. It's hard to get a read on Theresa. Was she being sincere with Paige? Does she simply believe that all men are dogs? Most likely. What happened to this girl to make her so cynical and will we ever know what it was?

Hope and Aidan finally got another scene to daydream about. I was really tired of watching that dancing scene over and over. Aidan earned brownie points for his honesty. He has feelings for Hope but he doesn't want anything to come of them. He was in a bad marriage and feels he was a bad husband. He doesn't want to repeat his mistakes. And Hope is married, a mantra she repeated as though she had to remind herself as well as Aidan. 

I'm enjoying the slow burn between these two but I really wish they'd put an end to Bo and Hope and finally let Hope move on. And given that I grew up LOVING Bo and Hope that's really saying something. 

Kristen was barely a blip on the screen. She had one run in with Brady and one with Daniel as she ghoulishly hovered over John's bedside. I really hope they brought Kristen back for more than this.

Finally there was one of my favorite scenes of the week. Julie ran into EJ but this wasn't the Julie that we've had to endure over the last many months. This was zen Julie. After a yoga-cruise she came back to Salem and told EJ that she understood his plight. We all stumble and get up, it's the cycle of life and she's been through it enough to know. Then she handed him a Budha.

The look on EJ's face was priceless. - Namaste.

Your turn, TV Fanatics. Pick your favorite Days of Our Lives quote of the week. 

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