Days of Our Lives Recap: Salem Sides with Abigail

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The residents of Salem seemed to be waiting in line to support poor, little Abigail on this week's Days of Our Lives. Were they right? Has Sami gone too far?

Yes…and no. 

In real life this level of revenge would be looked down upon and it certainly isn't healthy, but we're talking about Sami Brady.  Did anyone expect her to take this well? She's simply not the type to pine or mope. Good or bad, Sami takes action and I hope she's far from done.

This week alone, EJ went to offer words of comfort and support to his one-time mistress. Aunt Kayla and Will rose to her defense while Jordan and Ben offered Abby their support. You'd think that Abigail was the woman who had been cheated on the way that all of Salem is acting. 

Granted, Sami threatening to pull the $20 million Dimera donation from the hospital's children's wing was low but obviously necessary if she truly wanted the rules to be applied to Abby. Kayla made it clear she would have protected the girl if Sami hadn't had the leverage to force her hand. 

I also appreciated how Kate made mention that the Hortons took decades to forgive her affair with Bill. Funny how now that Abigail is the other woman, everyone seems willing to sweep it under the rug.

So yes, Sami Brady Dimera has definitely gone overboard in her quest for revenge but it should come as a surprise to no one, least of all Abigail and EJ. And as much as I applaud Abby standing up for herself with Sami, I found it amusing that she made it sound as though EJ kept coming back for more.

Not that he turned her down, he is a guy, but let's recap for a moment. She had sex with him twice at the cabin. She stalked him at his club and snuck into his shower. She almost had sex with him in the storage closet at work and then showed up at his office looking to do it on the desk and blatantly said that Sami never had to know. 

EJ may have enjoyed every romp but Abigail was the aggressor in this relationship from the get-go. And am I wrong in thinking that she'd be more than willing to pick up with EJ once again if he were willing? 

Will's plot to "teach his mother a lesson" took an even more sordid turn when he secretly recorded a conversation with grandma Kate. Looks like he inherited more of Sami's devious streak than we thought. I couldn't believe it when he told Sonny he thought Kate would be fine with it. Is he really that naive or just that stupid?

Speaking of Will, I get that he's upset with EJ for cheating on his mom. He should be, but I cant believe how he's completely turned his back on him as EJ himself mentions in this Days of Our Lives quote.

I don't understand why everything I've ever been or done for you, for everybody has just been erased.


This is the man that Will once shot, yet EJ has completely forgiven that particular indiscretion and treated him like a member of the family. You'd think that would earn him a little more civility if not an outright second chance. 

But there was so much more that happened in Salem.  Kristen returned and kidnapped Daniel in order to see Brady. Hmm…why not just kidnap Brady while he was a drunken mess these last few weeks? I'm sure there was ample opportunity.

And that whole conversation about Kristen's love of children had me trying to do the math on her last departure from Salem. Could she have had Brady's baby…or Eric's? Considering we're talking about Salem math, anything is possible. 

Eric went back to see the creepy monk Father Timothy for more soul searching. Please make it stop. It actually had me wishing that he and Nicole would just fly off to the Vatican already, even though that sounds completely ludicrous.

Eve went to see Maggie in a conversation that brought out the worst in both of them. Maggie's self righteous side came out as Eve showed how selfish and obnoxious she could be. I couldn't wait until it was over.

Finally, there were some more great lines for this week's Days of Our Lives. Time to vote for your favorite.

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