Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Will Regret Will's Article?

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Daniel hauled Kristen back to Salem, Will celebrated his article, and Abigail wondered if cheating could make a relationship stronger.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by WendyLou and Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate Kristen's return, if Sonny should share the blame, and whether or not there will be a steep price to pay for Will's article.


Are you glad that Daniel brought Kristen in and that she's finally in custody?

Nick: I'm just super happy to have Kristen back in Salem. I'm one of the many disappointed to see her go the first time, and I hope Days can figure out a way to keep her this time around (even though she's still only coming back for a short while). So, in that vein, while I loathe Daniel he has done one good deed of bringing Queen Kristen back for all of to enjoy.

WendyLou:  Absolutely. It's time for her to pay. Even though, I'm not sure she will really end up going to jail in the end, I at least want her to have to face the people she's hurt, especially Eric and Brady.

Tony:   Yes, I am. Hopefully, now, the whole truth will come out. However, I'm only cautiously optimistic. Kristen isn't known for telling the truth, and I'm sure she'll have "daddy" get her out as soon as possible. However, I am glad that she's in custody for the moment.

Christine:  As much as I was hoping to see her kick Daniel's butt (must he always be Super Dan?) I am happy she'll have to face people. Although I wonder what is the reason she's resurfaced now. Is it as simple as she finally decided to see Brady or is there more. I keep waiting for Kristen to reveal her next secret. 

Is Sonny partly to blame for Will writing the expose on his family?

Nick:  Sonny only helped Will get the job. The rest of Will's actions are purely his own.

WendyLou:  No. I'm with Victor on this. Sonny is his husband, not his father. He helped get him a job and probably had no idea Will would write that type of article, or show such a lack of integrity as to record his own family members without their knowledge or permission. Sonny did ask Will several times if he was sure he wanted to turn the article in. Will is an adult and this is all on him.

Tony:  At least a tiny bit. Sonny took it upon himself to make sure that Will got the job, so it's at least partly his fault. Now, Sonny couldn't have known what the first assignment would be, or that Will would take such delight in making Sami's actions public, so he's not entirely to blame, but is a little bit.

Christine:  Sonny's only guilt should be over not being honest about helping Will get the job. Other than that this is all on Will. Will has been horrible to not only Sami but Kate and EJ too when he secretly recorded their private conversations. He keeps saying he needs to teach Sami a lesson. I want to know who's going to teach a lesson to Will. 

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Was Sami right? Will Will regret writing that article and why?

Nick: I think he'll regret that he wrote it because of the blow back that can affect him personally. We can all debate back and forth about Sami as a person, but Sami is right about one thing: she's always been in his corner fighting for him. I would rather have Sami on my side than getting shot at by her. 

WendyLou:  I certainly hope so. I have never disliked Will more than I do now. Ever. He is so self-righteous it's unbelievable. He is making something that was fairly private very public. It's going to hurt everyone in his family - people who have stood by him and helped him through lots of troubles. I'm so glad Abby's name will be in the article. I'm sick of everyone in town acting like she's a victim in all of this. EJ didn't drug her or do some special magic trick that made her clothes fall off. She willingly participated in this affair and I hope some of the readers let her know it. I don't think she's going to be very happy with Will.

Tony:  Definitely! Sami is (and has always been) a loose cannon. She doesn't care who she hurts, all she cares about is revenge, no matter what the cost. Plus, Will hasn't been treating her very nicely (it must run in the family, as Sami was and still is like that with her own mother at times). But I honestly believe that Sami will make Will pay for writing that article because, as I said, she doesn't care who she hurts, as long as she gets what she wants.

Christine:  Will is going to pay a price and I don't think it will come from Sami. He was completely naive believing he could turn in that article and his editor wouldn't find out the identity of "the other woman."  He wrote it to teach his mother a lesson but I think Abby will pay a far larger price. I love the irony in that as Will deemed to "protect" Abigail from his mother. He forgot to protect her from himself.

Was what Abby told Jordan correct? Will EJ cheating with her only make he and Sami's love stronger.

Nick: In the crazy, stupid, love that is EJ and Sami Abigail makes a very true statement. Sami's already shown, at least to Kate, that she's thinking about what she once shared with EJ and if that is worth giving up.

WendyLou:  It actually might in the end if they make it through this. However, I found Abby's logic laughable. It's like she's trying to justify her actions as heroic in some way. She didn't contribute to the breakup of a family - she's just making them stronger. Please.

Tony:  I don't think so. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. If one cheats on one's spouse, the cheating does not make their love stronger. That doesn't even make sense. Besides, Sami is so blinded by rage and revenge that I doubt she'll ever go back to loving E.J. again.

Christine:  I do think EJ and Sami will eventually find their way back to one another and they may indeed end up a stronger couple in the end…but I'm with WendyLou on this one. Abigail using that as some kind of justification for chasing EJ was sadly comical. 

Do you believe Brady will be able to stay away from Kristen?

Nick: No, because Brady needs closure. Kristen completely wrecked his life, and Brady's spiral since she left has, at least partly, been because of her.

WendyLou:  No. And I don't really want him to. Their confrontation is one of the things I'm most looking forward to during Kristen's return. I am glad he's staying away initially because, as Marlena said, Kristen wanted him to seek her out and it's driving her crazy that he didn't.

Tony:  As much as I'd like him to, I have to say probably not. Brady is an addict, but drugs and alcohol aren't his only addiction. I honestly think that Kristen is another addiction with him. Why else would he have gone off the rails when he found out about what she did to Eric. And while I believe he has every intention of not seeing Kristen, I'm sure that sooner or later he will.

Christine:  I have no doubt he'll see Kristen. What fun would it be if he didn't. I just can't imagine what she'll say to him that will make any difference. 

What was your least favorite story of the week?

Nick: It's a tie between hating Abigail's love advice and Adrienne being the town gossiper.

WendyLou:  Honestly, anything to do with Jordan or Jordan and Rafe. They are brutally boring and she's one of the most boring characters on the show in a long time. I wish Clyde would take her back to Poplar Bluffs.

Tony:   Anything to do with Theresa. I'm just honestly getting sick of her. I'd like to find out why she's like this, as well as see her character be reformed. However, that doesn't seem to be happening. Any fear we see from her is only superficial. She's more afraid that she'll get caught when John wakes up than she is for anything or anyone else.

Christine:  Watching Jordan and Clyde is positively painful. This story gets more convoluted each week and even more boring. I want to change the channel any time one of them is onscreen.

What was your favorite story or scene this week?

Nick: Kristen's quips as she enters the police station and reunites with everyone for the first time.

WendyLou:  My favorite scene was probably Teresa convincing Anne that Daniel had the hots for her and she should go after him herself. Both actresses were so funny. I loved Anne's line, "There's a fine line between love and hate, which gives me a lot of men to choose from."

Tony:  Will and the article. I actually kinda like the trend over the last few years of making Will more and more like Sami. I could totally see Sami doing something like Will's doing when she was his age. Also, this is probably the first time I was really interested in what Will was doing since Guy Wilson took over as Will. I'm very interested to see the fallout of this story. 

Christine:  Sami confronting Will about the article. I expected a screaming match but got something much more powerful as Sami. It's sad that Sami had to explain to him that despite all of her many mistakes, she's always loved him unconditionally and protected him no matter what the cost. Perhaps she and Lucas have protected Will a little too much. 

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