Days of Our Lives Set Scoop: Casey Moss & True O'Brien Talk JJ-Paige Romance, Singing

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We're used to blackmail, romances gone awry and other evil doings on Days Of Our Lives - but what about singing?

Okay, our Salem residents may not be breaking into song in the middle of Horton Square, yet there's plenty of music going on when the cameras aren't rolling, thanks to Casey Moss.

Moss has a band, Eyes Of One, but has so much song in his heart that he's been known to break into a track on set, which may or may not bug True O'Brien, his on-screen love interest.

How is JJ going to deal with the fact that Paige is going to be moving out of Salem to go to college at Stanford? Will he be sucked into the war between his mother, Jennifer, and Paige's mother, Eve? And which cast member would Moss love to have more screen time with?

Let's see what Moss and O'Brien had to spill to TV Fanatic during a recent set visit:

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Among other on-set interviews we did with the members of this winning cast: 

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