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Toni hit Dom with sexual harassment charges after their one-night-stand on Mistresses Season 2 Episode 10 and Savi was left reeling with the news. After Toni tells Dom he was easy to set up, he and Savi share a heart to heart where Dom wonders if they ever really had a chance.

April finds out her stalker is actually an FBI agent after her not-so-dead hubby who is actually involved with a drug cartel. When she finds listening devices in her home, April storms down to FBI headquarters, only to run into sexy, smoldering Daniel donning an FBI jacket insted of his sexy Henley. 

Karen gets more involved with Anna as the girl suffers a panic attack and Dr Kim offer her house to stay and orders Pad Thai. The incredibly inappropriate but heartfelt gesture has Jacob telling Karen how much he loves her. 

Harry almost scares Joss off from meeting Scott's family but they end up loving her...so much so that Scott later proposes with his grandmother's ring. Joss enthusiastically says yes.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Karen: I have a guy. A PI I used last year with the Elizabeth situation.
April: Well there's an endorsement.

I'm saying that I need to learn how to be with someone who just wants me. I really want that someone to be you.