Castle Spoilers: All the Season 7 Scoop!

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We've all heard the rumors that Castle Season 7 Episode 1 (titled "Driven") will revolve around a missing Rick Castle and how Kate Beckett works the case of her career to try and find him.

As can be seen in these premiere pictures, it's also pretty clear that Ryan and Esposito will have her back.

However, the two-part season opener is said to unleash an entire new mythology concerning Castle's past as well.

What might that entail? And what's next for a series that frequently combines drama with comedy? Let's go over what else we know and/or have heard about the weeks to come:

  • Castle Season 7 Episode 3, "Clear and Present Danger," may deal with an invisible killer, as Give Me My Remote revealed that guest star Chad Michael Collins will play an entrepreneur who is assaulted under mysterious circumstances.
  • Many fans have projected that the much anticipated sixth episode might include a wedding…but we're not so sure.
  • Jon Huertas (Det. Javiar Esposito) recently told TV Line that fans can expect an unusual episode in November, as the show delves into an alternate reality in which we find out what might have happened if Rick and Kate had never met at that book launch party all those years ago.
  • If that's not enough to make your smile, perhaps Castle Season 7 Episode 7 will do the job: Rick and Kate head out to a modern-day dude ranch to tackle an investigation they puts them in the middle of the wild west. We wonder if Nathan Fillion still remembers how to ride a horse from his Firefly days.

And if you need to catch can always watch Castle online right her at TV Fanatic. 

Which storyline mentioned above has you the most excited? Sound off now!

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Castle Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Misgivings? Katherine, that was the farthest thing from his mind. He couldn't wait to be married to you.


Gary: You're going to break my finger.
Beckett: And after that there's nine more.