Days of Our Lives Recap: Is Stefano Back?

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Kate and Sami were left scrambling as they feared Stefano was about to return to Salem and pull the rug out from under their plans.  The best moment was Sami seeing Stefano's portrait back up on the wall. It was Stefano's way of sending a message and it worked. 

Later Sami calmed down and in this Days of Our Lives quote, did her best to calm Kate…

Sami: Maybe he's just talking the talk.
Kate: Oh yeah, because that's so much like Stefano. No follow through.

Kate's got a point. Whatever Stefano's got planned, I doubt they'll be able to stop him.

Like Sami I wondered if EJ could have been involved. Was he just playing her? I don't think so. I think his first priority is winning Sami back but let's face it. EJ's a Dimera. Anything is possible. 

EJ had two other interactions this week. First with Rafe and hopefully whatever he gave him will be enough to keep Stefano away.  Second was with Clyde, which made me cringe. I don't like Clyde and I don't like the idea of EJ getting back into the drug trade so I really don't like where this is going.

Elsewhere in Salem, Nicole made a desperate play for Eric's attention and it backfired. At this point, Nicole has become so whiny and Eric so mean and moody that I've lost all interest in any type of reconciliation and it's a shame. I always thought these two had quite the potential to be a layered and interesting couple.

Kristen finally unveiled her master plan. Took her long enough. John could have died in the weeks it took her to dangle the antidote. 

Marlena was just awful when she approached Eric. Instead of starting with, there could be hope for John but…she began with, I need you to let Kristen off the hook. Ugh.

Instead Marlena decided to jump on the poor Abigail bandwagon and make sure that the young woman who slept with her daughter's fiance was OK. I had really hoped this conversation was going to go differently. Perhaps with a reminder that Abigail had not only gone after Sami's man, but had previously gone after Carrie's husband (Marlena's step-daughter) as well. 

But no. Instead it was all about how much dear, sweet Abby has gone through in the last few years as an excuse for her poor behavior. Abby even shared her EJ fantasies with the good doctor!

Then Marlena turned around and blasted EJ. If it was really in defense of Sami I'd understand but it seemed to be more about hating EJ because he's a Dimera. 

There were too many boring stories this week in Salem. Will and Sonny made up. Can't these two be made at one another for more than a day? Then Abby let Will off the hook. I was hoping for a little more drama to come from Will's article but it seems to have run its course.

Then Jordan had a nightmare. It was more funny than scary as she was dressed in gingham and lace in her dream, as though the Tammy Sue name wasn't country cliche enough. 

The best moments of the week were Theresa snarking at Kristen…

Oh my God. I'm being threaten by a big, bad Dimera. I am so scared.


These two going after one another might actually be fun as neither has any real boundaries or moral conscience. 

Finally we got to Aidan, who got hit on by Ann while he was drinking. Thankfully, even drunk he still had enough sense to get away. He and Hope's kiss was hot and distressing for both of them. We still don't know much about Aidan's back story but I hope we find out soon. As for Hope, there's no way for her to move forward as long as she's still married to Bo. So will the show tie off that loose end or just keep it dangling? 

Since the quotes were light this week, we have a question for you instead…

Tell us TV Fanatics, How should Days of Our Lives handle Bo and Hope?

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