Days of Our Lives Recap: Sami & EJ Reunite!

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After an emotional confrontation with her father, Sami and EJ reunited. Hope made a decision about Bo, and Chad proved to be a different man this week on Days of Our Lives. 

Roman stormed over to the Dimera mansion to find EJ and Sami smooching in the middle of the living room. He was far from happy. But what could have been just another round of Sami getting bashed for her bad choices turned into one of the most poignant father / daughter moments we've seen in years.

When Sami asked Roman if Marlena hadn't been in love with John back in 1993, if she had begged forgiveness and wanted another chance, would Roman had given it? It was a great use of the show's history and had an immediate impact. Roman might not like EJ. He will probably never like EJ but he loves his daughter and her comparison evoked immediate empathy. 

For once we could really see the bond between these two characters as in this Days of Our Lives quote

Sami: A wise man once told me that when you do find true love, you better never take it for granted. You have to cherish it cause it's a gift.
Roman: You know what, that wise man that told you that, he probably had way too many beers.

EJ has made it clear that he'll do anything to get Sami back. Finally, she's willing to give him a chance and I, for one, am relieved. Sami and EJ are far from perfect but they accept one another for who they are, plus they share children whom they dearly love. Call me a sap but I'm happy to see them getting back together. 

Kate wasn't thrilled to hear the Sami and EJ were canoodling at the Dimera mansion but I loved how Roman stood up for his daughter. When he mentioned that you can't control who you fall in love with, it had me wondering if we were headed towards a Kate and Roman romance too. I wouldn't mind seeing these two get back together, especially since it would give Roman a storyline. And I certainly like Roman better than Clyde!

As one marriage was being knitted back together, another has completely fallen apart. But Hope and Bo's marriage has been over for a while, Bo just hasn't been around to be a part of it. 

I'm thankful that Hope finally pulled the trigger and filed the paperwork for divorce. It allows her to move on with Aidan (whom she has wonderful chemistry) but still keeps the door open that Bo could return sometime in the future. He'd have to have one hell of a story to make his complete disappearance from his wife and child's life make any sense.

On a side note, I hope we get to see Nicole and Aidan share a few more scenes if for no other reason than to hear Nicole call Hope "frowny face."

Nicole and Eric fantasized about one another but is was more snore worthy than steamy. 

Kristen hoped to pair up with Daniel to fight Theresa. He was having none of it but it did give Jennifer another opportunity to act superior and judgmental as she made Daniel feel like an idiot for speaking to the crazy psycho. 

Daniel: She just showed up and…
Jennifer: And you just opened the door and you said, Hey I realize you tried to kill me a few short weeks ago but come on in.

Perhaps Jenn should learn to wait for an answer when she asks a question, especially if she's trying to win back someone's affections.

Eve set up JJ but not well enough. Despite the sexy selfie, Paige forgave him in just one day. You'd think the show would play out the drama just a little bit more on that one. But we all know that photo on Eve's phone will come back to bite her before long. 

Finally, there was Chad Dimera. Emphasis on the Dimera. He's not the boy who left Salem a year ago. He's angry, and snarky, and looking for a fight. And it was great to see someone finally lay into Abigail besides Sami...

When I left town you were on such a high horse but you managed to get down off of it to get into bed with my brother.


I think I'm going to enjoy this new version of Chad. He even made Jordan more interesting. For that alone he's earned his place in Salem.

Your turn TV Fanatics, choose your favorte line from this week's Days of Our Lives.

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