Revenge Q&A: Nick Wechsler on Jack Porter's New Job, JEmily and More!

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The Revenge season 4 premiere kicked off the show's newest season with fresh faces, fresh stories, and a promise that the revenging isn't over for Emily Thorne. What impact will her vendetta with Victoria have on those she loves?

TV Fanatic got the chance to chat with Jack Porter himself, Nick Wechsler, to ask that question and more! What does Nick think about Jack's new job? How does he feel about a possible Jemily pairing? 

You'll have to read on to find out!

Jack as a Cop - Revenge

TV Fanatic: So Jack's a cop now. What did you think about that when you read that in the script for Revenge Season 4 Episode 1?

Nick Wechsler: When I first read it I was like "what?!" And then I thought it just didn't jive, like why now? Then we talked about it and we figured out something I could get behind, which was that he's been through so much, and people he loves have been hurt and he's trying to make sure that he's empowered in doing something about it if and when that happens in the future. 

He was always sort of powerless to stop it when things happened in the past. It would've been nice if he'd been a cop when dealing with Conrad, you know?

I'll say this, and this is sort of the thinking behind this, if he was a cop back then, he would've had to have arrested Emily or she would've made a sh*tty cop out of him because he would've either not arrested her and then felt like a piece of sh*t because he wasn't upholding the law or he would've had to have arrested her and kind of screwed her over when she had this thing she was doing.

This revenge thing is all about her father, it's a tribute to him, so if Jack takes that away, he takes it all away from her.

TVF: What we can expect for Jack this season?

NW: He gets put in a lot of terrible positions because he thought Emily was done, but she's obviously not. There's trouble with him and Charlotte, with him and his partner. The only person there's currently no trouble with is Nolan.

There's not really trouble with him and Emily, but she has to keep him in the loop. And then there's the potential we're starting to feel for Jack and Emily again, so that's cool.

TVF: How long before we're going to see him be put in a compromising position with Emily and Nolan?

NW: I don't think it's very long! [laughs] I don't think she's asking him to lie for her about stuff yet, but she's getting drawn into things because Victoria's back and her dad's back and she's trying to hide stuff from Jack. She wants to shield him from it in the way she always has, but now he's a cop, so he can't know every detail.

By episode 7, he's had to cover one or two things for her.

TVF: What impact will David Clarke's return have on Jack?

NW: So far, the only effect it's had on him is that he knows that Emily's dad is back. He knew this guy when he was a kid, so he's feeling a more acute version of what the world is feeling, but he knows this is the most significant development Emily could ever have, and he knows this is a huge thing for her. It's just been a huge "Holy sh*t" on Emily's behalf especially. 

But when David comes back, he's not necessarily all there. He seems kind of fragile and docile, so we don't know yet. The circumstances under which he returned are so mysterious.

TVF: He's almost sinister right now and seems a little bit unhinged.

NW: In the opener this season [Revenge Season 4 Episode 1], yeah. When we start to get to know him a little bit more he seems, like I said, almost docile. It's hard to know which one's which right now. We don't know which one is the true him yet. That's a fun way to say things.

TVF: Charlotte's a little unhinged right now too, isn't she?

NW: That was a really fun scene, when she took my kid from daycare and let me think my kid was missing. 

TVF: From the beginning, it's sort of felt like Jack and Emily are endgame, so what can you tell us about Ben and the roadblocks he creates for them?

NW: There's the potential for a love triangle, but I'll say that it hasn't happened yet. So far, and I don't know if the idea to have him be a love interest for Emily is being abandoned, but so far, there's been tension between Jack and Ben because Ben has expressed interest in Emily.

Jack's had to be like "back off, dude" because she's that girl for him. In the premiere, Jack says "it's complicated" and later Ben starts going after her and Jack doesn't like it. He sees that as a dick move.

TVF: Do you want to see Jemily as a resolution for the two characters?

NW: I do and I don't. First of all, I think the idea of people wanting them together is the point, so if you get them together, you don't have that anymore, so it's better to keep people wanting them to get together than actually getting them together. If you get them together, we have to be careful about the message we're sending about revenge.

Do we condone it as a good idea? Do we get all the rewards we want in the end and your dad comes back and you get a great relationship after you destroyed the lives of the people you loved, i.e. Jack, and in the end they're all "I don't care! I'll take you!"

My brother died, my wife died, and I fell in love with the wrong girl. Now my child is motherless because they were trying to kill you and got her because you guys swapped identities and it was all your idea!

TVF: When you say it like that, it's not a relationship that anyone should want to pull for!

NW: Obviously, we're supposed to kind of pine for this thing, but there's a part of me that doesn't think Emily deserves for this to work out and go her way. If it does, it's almost an irresponsible message about revenge. You get to go do all of this horrible stuff and get the guy in the end.

TVF: Maybe there's a lesson about forgiveness in there, too, though those are huge things for Jack to forgive Emily for.

NW: Yeah, there is, but it's hard for me as the guy who's playing him because he's kept so pure that he sometimes isn't allowed to have reactions that are just natural, like violent or angry reactions that are normal. It would kind of cool if, at the end of this, he stood up for himself and said "no, I can't trust you. I'm crazy about you, but I can't be with you because I can't trust you." 

If he had that reaction, I would be like, "okay, once and for all! He stood up for himself!" because most of the time, life steps on him and he takes it, and that's frustrating to play.

TVF: It's sometimes frustrating to watch, too.

NW: Aiden was able to do the things that humans do, like get mad and beat someone up if they hurt Emily, and that stuff sort of read as romantic, even while they were trying to draw the distinction between the darkness of what Aiden did and the lightness of what Jack does. 

For once, just let there be a consequence. But, it'd almost actually be cooler if he died. If she lost him as a consequence of what she's done.

TVF: But then Carl has no parents!

NW: Emily would definitely take care of Carl.

TVF: Does she even deserve Carl?

NW: I think at that point, the cycle will have ended, hopefully. There wouldn't be anyone else that I would want taking care of Carl.

TVF: Emily and Nolan would do a great job. Carl would be the best dressed kid ever!

NW: [laughs]

TVF: Why didn't Jack get a new dog? Carl needs a dog!

NW: Emily asks at some point, and Jack just says "maybe." I think he doesn't have a new dog for the same reason you don't get a new girlfriend just as soon as your heart is broken.

TVF: Except on TV!

NW: [Laughs] Yeah, like Jack did with Margaux! I feel like you have to give yourself more time than that. It would be cool if, and maybe this is cheesy, I don't know, if there was a vision of Jack and Emily getting together, it would be cool if Jack and Emily got a dog together. That would be a cool way for things to go down.

Revenge airs Sunday nights on ABC at 10 p.m., but you can always watch Revenge online right here at TV Fanatic.

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