Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Toil and Till"

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Juice was on the run, Wendy found an unexpected ally and Jax's need for revenge saw no end in Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 2.

Below, TV Fanatics Amanda Wolf, Leigh Raines, Carla Day, and Christine Orlando discuss Juice's chances of survival, if Jax's bloodlust can be curbed who which has been the most memorable death of the series.


Will Juice escape the club?

Amanda: I don't think Juice stands a chance. Jax won't think twice about killing him unless he can use him somehow. Gemma is the only one on his team so...yeah. Unser is on the case about Tara's death and may come up with something. The rest of the club also wouldn't think twice about handing Juice over to Jax.

Leigh: Depends on the definition of escape. Will he leave? No he doesn't want to. Will Jax let him make it out alive? Ehh Jax is on a bit of a killing spree these days but I feel like he's not even focused on Juice. I think Gemma will actually kill him eventually out of paranoia. 

Carla: I have mixed feelings about this. He should have been killed so many times that I have a tough time buying that the club would get him. Gemma would be more likely at this point. She has much more at risk with him sticking around.

Christine: I've got to believe that Juice's days are numbered, if only because he doesn't seem smart enough to just run and not look back. I don't know if it will be Jax or Gemma but I don't think Juice is long for this world.

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What are your thoughts on Nero and Wendy's friendship?

Amanda: It all came so natural. These two have great chemistry. I really liked seeing these two talk about their troubled pasts with rehab while driving around to run two completely different errands. Nero and now Wendy are the most reasonable people on the show and can bond over being surrounded by crazies. 

Leigh: I agree that it came naturally. I enjoyed their scenes. But do we really trust Wendy? Sorry but not 100%. Too hard at this point. Nero likes them crazy ladies. 

Carla: I liked seeing them hanging out. They really do have a similar past to bring them together. I'd rather see them hook up than see him back with the daughter-in-law killer or for her to get back with Jax. 

Christine: I loved their burgeoning friendship over being recovering addicts who care about their kids. Of course I love most scenes with Nero but this was the first time I felt connected to Wendy. I hope they stay just friends. A hook up could really ruin it. 

Do you think Jax will ever exact enough death to cure his need for revenge?

Amanda:  Going to have to go with no. Just because he was laying down with his sons at the end of this episode doesn't mean I am convinced for a minute that he is done searching for blood. Lin is still alive after all! And by the looks of that ending the killing and mayhem is not close to over. 

Leigh: No definitely not. Will he stop at Lin? Nothing will bring Tara back. That's what feeds his pain. I think he will slow down on Lin when Unser starts to unearth the truth. If Gemma doesn't get to him first...

Carla:  No. And when (he better!) finds out the truth it will turn to regret for the meaningless deaths. I cannot even imagine his reaction to finding out what his mother did. It will crush him, yet it may be the reveal that turns his life around.

Christine: If Jax thinks bloodlust will make losing Tara hurt any less, there's going to be a pile of bodies in his wake before he figures out he's wrong. And watching Jury recognize that gun…I think the killing is about to multiply exponentially. 

With so much death on this show, was there one that you found most memorable? 

Amanda: I have two ways of defining memorable. Tara's death was the most shocking in terms of the blood and gore. The death I least expected was Damon Pope's. I just expected him to be around for a bit longer than he was and that whole plan around his death took me completely by surprise. 

Leigh: Damn that's a long list. I think I'll go with Opie. He never truly recovered after Donna even though he met Lila. Opie's hand being forced and him taking it for his brothers was just so sad and stuck with me. Tara's of course was brutal and very fresh in all of our minds. Also let us never forget the Agent Kohn from season 1 who was stalking Tara and ultimately brought her and Jax back together...and then they got down in front of his body. 

Carla:  Opie and Tara's were the most impactful. But for the entirety of the series, it was Donna's murder that really shook me and shows this was a different, more violent series unlike anything else on.

Christine: For me it was Tig's daughter Dawn being burned alive while he watched. I've never quite been able to shake that one. Then there's Tara. She was the character I connected with the most so her brutal death at Gemma's hands will always be difficult to deal with. 

If you could choose one person to survive this season, who would it be? 

Amanda: I actually want Jax to survive but I'm not too optimistic about this or sure what he would do after all the death that I anticipate occurring the rest of the season. 

Leigh: Well I want Jax to survive for his children, but it doesn't seem likely. Aside from the star: I'd like to see Unser still standing through years of violence and cancer. Don't see it happening sadly. 

Carla: I want the boys to survive, though I do not want the final image to be Abel at the head of the table or for him to even be at the table. Those boys need to be given the life their grandfather wanted for their father. 

Christine: Carla, I didn't even think about the boys! Yikes, let's hope they'll be OK. I hope Unser survives because as Leigh says, he's dealt with so much…but I'm not overly optimistic. Other than that it's pretty much all fair game. I think (or hope) I'm prepared for anything. 

What was your favorite scene from the episode? 

Amanda: Wendy and Nero riding around in the car together. The dialogue was so natural and had a lot of chemistry. It also changed my perceptions  about these characters and made me feel bad for the world they are caught up in. 

Leigh: Sometimes we just need to laugh and Tig always manages to make me chuckle. Wendy greeting Gemma and Nero as mom and dad was a funny dynamic as well. Sorry these days there is so much death that we need a few lighter moments!

Carla: Jax with Abel in bed at the end. It showed there is hope for him, well ... until we saw Jury with presumably his son or surrogate son. 

Christine: It's a tie. I loved Nero and Wendy for their sane and insightful conversation, plus Wendy referring to them as the nanny and the gardner was hysterical. Runner up goes to Tig in the car. He is one sick bastard but he definitely makes me laugh and this show could use all the humor it can get right now 

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