Yvette Nicole Brown Departs Community

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In news sure to stun Community fans, TV Guide reports that Yvette Nicole Brown won't be making the series transition from NBC to Yahoo! Screen for Community Season 6.

Brown asked to leave the series to care for her ailing father. Executive Producers Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna, as well as Sony Pictures TV, have honored her request. 

Happy Shirley!

"My dad needs daily care and he needs me," Brown says. "The idea of being away 16 hours a day for five months, I couldn't do it. It was a difficult decision for me to make, but I had to choose my dad."

There are no hard feelings with her departure, and the door is being left open for guest appearances should she decide she wants to return. They will address her departure in some way and Brown is supportive of whatever direction they choose.

Brown has received well wishes from the producers and they've even given her their approval for a recurring role on mid-season series The Odd Couple, one that will require far less of a time commitment.

With this news and the recent departure of Jonathan Banks - who has found another home on Better Call Saul - Community is currently looking for two new cast members.

Are you absolutely gutted at the loss? Sound off below and, remember, you can still catch them when you watch Community online via TV Fanatic.

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