Abed Nadir in Community

Danny Pudi stars as Abed Nadir in Community. Abed is part of a study group at Greendale Community College.

Troy Barnes in Community

Donald Glover stars as Troy Barnes in Community. Troy is part of a study group at Greendale Community College.

Troy and Abed - Community

Community's Troy and Abed are a best-friend duo that get into all sorts of crazy hijinks while attending Greendale Community College.

Regrettable Departures Banner - Lost

Photo collage of Troy Barnes, Dean Miller, Charlie Pace, and Jack Pearson.

Community Cast for Sony

This is a still of the Community cast for Sony Pictures TV.

The Pierce Hologram - Community

Jeff Winger was about to stray back to the Dark Side

At Least It Was Here - Community

No episode of Community is complete without hearing The 88

Community Stick Figures

Is this another one of Abed's genre-shifting episodes?

Pierce the Hologram - Community Season 5 Episode 1

Pierce returns as a hologram to give Jeff advice about Greendale

The Study Group's New Jackets - Community Season 2 Episode 21

Jeff makes a speech about the dangers of ingesting mercury

Dressed for a Funeral - Community Season 5 Episode 4

The Study Group comes back to Greendale after Pierce's funeral

Bottle Episode - Community Season 2 Episode 8

The Study Group wrecked the study room because they did a bottle episode

Community Quotes

Abed: This is kinda like Breakfast Club, right?
Pierce: Is there breakfast?

The state bar has suspended my license. They found out my college degree was less than legitimate.