9 Unforgettable Dances from Dancing with the Stars Season 19

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We're only about halfway through Dancing with the Stars Season 19, but there have already been some fantastic and unforgettable dances.

Some of the most memorable dances, fittingly, came from Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Episode 6.

That week was themed "Most Memorable Year," featuring dances that were inspired by memorable moments in the lives of the celebrity contestants. Some of the dances were a bit emotional, and some were simply fun to watch.

Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Episode 5, "Movie Night," offered the first perfect scores of the season and featured a few more of our favorite dances.

And Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Episode 7, "Switch Up Week," with its new dances and some high tensions, also offered some favorite routines -- and even another perfect score.

But sometimes, the most memorable dances aren't the ones that earn the highest scores. One of our favorite routines, in fact, comes from the first week of the competition.

So what are our favorite routines from the season so far? Some of them earned perfect scores, and some of them were squarely in the middle, but all of them were entertaining.

Check out the photos above to see what they are!

What about you, Dancing Fanatics? What has been your favorite routine so far? Leave us a comment - we want to hear your thoughts!

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