Awkward: Watch Season 4 Episode 16 Online

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So a kiss and tell website can become the talk of the school. 

That's what Jenna and Tamara found out after their own #DudeDatabase goes viral in Awkward Season 4 Episode 16!

The thing even makes it difficult for Matty to score a date with his latest crush, Gabby. With so much new information flowing around, Gabby asks a lot of questions to try to determine if he's one of the good guys or the bad guys.

Elsewhere, Lissa has decided that all of the sinning in her life means she won't go to heaven. She's even worried about her gay dad. Will finding out about more heavens help or hurt her cause? Will Sadie's wise words of wisdom about love help in any way?

There is an even bigger problem at hand that even the #DudeDatabase can't handle. Why? Because if the two girls who are running it are hiding secrets about dudes, then that database isn't complete. Who will it impact the most? Jenna and Tamara, of course.

Find out all about it when you watch Awkward online!

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