Days of Our Lives Recap: Where is EJ's Body?

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Everyone struggled with the news of EJ's demise this week in Salem but we were left to wonder where EJ's body actually went. 

According to Stefano, those weren't EJ's ashes in that urn so does that mean that Stefano buried his son in the family plot…or is there the possibility that he's still alive? Kristen sticking a needle in EJ certainly gave us hope for the latter because why would she have to inject a dead man just to steal his body?

But for Sami and the kids, EJ was dead and I couldn't stop crying. First seeing Sami breakdown over EJ's body, then watching her tell the kids, it was all quite heartbreaking.  Perhaps most of all when Allie saw Lucas and said she felt guilty because she still had her dad while Johnnie and Sydney had lost theirs. It was one of the best scenes of the week when she asked Lucas if he could be a dad to her brother and sister the same way EJ had been to her. 

Lucas came running when Sami needed him. No matter what else happens, these two will always have one another's backs when it counts. EJ may have been the love of Sami's life but in many ways, Lucas is her best friend and he believes in her ability to get through this...

You are the most amazing survivor I have ever known or ever will know.


Will and Sonny dropped in but it was too little too late in my opinion. Will finally remembered all of the things that EJ had done for him over the years. Sami let her son off the hook for all of the horrible things he'd said to EJ during the last few months. Personally, I'm not feeling that forgiving. 

Chad was in a similar position as he suddenly realized how much he loved his brother. With EJ gone, all of his anger evaporated but Jordan's sudden concern for Chad didn't feel quite right. That's probably because I'm not much of a fan of Jordan.

Kate was the only one truly ringing the alarm. Will Stefano attempt to swoop in and steal the kids now that EJ's gone? Will Sami lose Dimera Enterprises if she can't pull it together and what makes Kate think they might both end up in prison?

But EJ's death wasn't the only story in Salem. Hope finally told Ciara that she's divorcing Bo. Honestly, Ciara took it better than I expected. It's sad, but Bo's been gone for over two years and it's time to move on. But Ciara's bigger issue was the thought of her mommy dating Aidan. 

I appreciated how Aidan took the time to talk to Ciara one on one and she didn't make it easy on him as he said in this Days of Our Lives quote

Think about law school kid because you don't give an inch.


Aidan never spoke down to Ciara but tried to address her concerns. It made me like him all the more. Having him around might just be good for her. 

Finally there was Paige and JJ. Is it just me or are Eve and MaryAnne acting like Paige is 16? The girl is in college. I'm not saying that means she has to have sex with her boyfriend but it certainly wouldn't be out of the ordinary. 

Although perhaps Paige was a little too eager. Did she really just sneak into his house, the one he shares with his mother and sister, and climb into bed with him? Yikes!

Overall there was a lot of angst on this week's Days of Our Lives. Who do you think did the best job of being there for Sami in her time of need?

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